Feeding Pets? Cannot ride them? And Thralls are just parking around and breath?

Another component to pets is that you have to feed them, which you do by putting food into their inventory. There will also be a feeding trough you can use to automatically distribute food to pets.

Oh mighty gods of Funcom. Akaha has to quarrel with you.

We have to feed animals but not our Thralls? I dont see the sense of handle this different.

If you argue they are cute and it is a thing to attract people like roleplayer to care about their little pets like some farm-simulator does, ok well. But then I ask you what about the thralls? They just stand around and breath. And when Akasha allow one of them to follow her to hunt they … just breath.

That is not immersive.

Also why are we unable to ride a Rhino? EY you know that is cool. I hear about a Land far away where King Conan rules and they can ride Rhinos. Akasha also like to ride one. Who is this Conan that he is more important for you then a shaman that sacrifice so many souls for you each day?

Stop puzzleling, start solving our needs.

And dont scare me with flash and thunder. I will be brave and sacrifice an other stygian for you.


If “feeding” becomes a feature, I hope its not based on micromanaging each and every one (like they are all too stupid to feed themselves). Having the option to either put food into the inventory or using a centralized mechanic is good flexibility.

Ark had a good mechanic: food trough (with large proximity). Place a food trough and keep it stocked. Individual animals would “feed” themselves. Something like that would take care of the pet feeding without micromanaging each pet. So the mechanic mentioned above sounds plausible and a great way to take care of micromanaging.

Similarly, a banquet table could be set for Thralls. Thralls could “feed” themselves without having to put food in the inventory of every, single Thrall.


Akasha like your idea. That could give decoration stuff like cauldrons, ale-barrels and plates more sense.

The Newsteller said that there will be some kind of throug for animals. If you dont have one you need to give them food.

But that dont explain Akasha, whe she cannot ride a Rhino and why the thralls are afraid of her.

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They do plan to have a food trough. It was mention in the blog.

As for feeding, it is a balance idea. Remember that if a pet is not following you, the other use is to have them produce resources. So basically, pets become a transmution process. Put plant fiber in, get silk out or something. The food becomes the input material and limits the resources produced.

For the details Funcom provided, see:



Akasha know this. But this dont explain, why we cannot do the same with thrall, feed them and let them work in a mine.

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Because Mines tend to be occupied by others. You would need 1 thrall to mine plus 2 to defend and woukd be better off just mining yourself. Besides, if you want iron ore, get a pen full of rocknose, keep them well feed, and ignore the smell of the iron ore you harvest.

Because Funcom is fixing bugs first, before re-breaking thralls with a parity feature.

Will Akasha be there to explain to people who say “Why nerf Thralls!? Who the hell asked for this? When will Funcom finally fix the thralls instead of making them even MORE annoying?!”

Probably not. People will say again that Funcom is incompetent and don’t know what they are doing.

As for feeding pets. Fish traps got that more than covered. You can put fish traps inside a large well btw.

As for mounts. It has been explained that it simply doesn’t work.

And if you want mounts that go at the speed of a sprint, then…


Truth and fact is that thralls are not working atm and are a core mechanic of the game. My problem is that they are working on pets that will work like thralls, go figure.

They would have come across way better if their stream would not have been about the pets and DLC instead of about the issues with purges and thralls.

It is not people saying that. It is Funcom themselves saying it through their actions…


I realized just now that making Thralls have hunger would solve the “Thralls Stranding” problem.

But then, what sentient being would just float around and starve to death?


Considering the general AI behavior so far, I’d say… all of them?


“We all float down here…”

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If I have to micromanage pets, forget it. Unless I can have a black rhino as a pet… Then that ba$tard will get lasting meals by the bushel!

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Maybe they can eat my archers, at least they’d be good for something then


Well to be fair making this change would be easy but the issue would be to assign Food area so that thrall i mean UE4 BP code to find the Food stoarge. Although they can just put out a 4 tier storage complete with Food preservative. And have to place chairs down and plate…Why i just want to make some quality City life and to watch my thrall eat drink dance and have a blast being an NPC. I wish i had experience in AI coding to make all of this happen


Does this mean I could make a feeding trough for my slaves? In their current status I think an all vegan diet of gruel and plant fibers would be suitable to match their pacifism.

(@Halcyon, Best movie ever! Now we need sorcery to have a spell to turn people into a newt!)

Hmmm… My thralls are eating human flesh. They like to eat them. They really do. :yum:


I do agree with you! I think Thralls also need to have hunger system, they need to be feed. First, it can solve the floating problem (Like they will be dead because no one is providing food to them).

And second, most important is to prevent those crazy people to get about 100+ Thralls in their base to lower the server pressure.

My ideal is “More Thralls you get, more resources and time you need to take care of them.” I think it makes sense.


Right. If you cannot care for them they will strave. For me this sounds logical and immersive.


More immersive? No. Grown men and women don’t have to be walked to the lunchroom every day like kindergarteners. Most pets do have to be provided food periodically. But a feeding system for human thralls is ridiculous and would be a huge waste of time. Go play on a modded server (assuming there will be a mod for feeding thralls) if you want to spend your jobless days in mom’s basement hauling slop for imaginary slaves.


Not if you have a Massive load of raw meat and beside you can alway feed your thrall with gruels. I actually want to feed thrall due to how much meat im getting.