Feeding Pets? Cannot ride them? And Thralls are just parking around and breath?



Not if you have a Massive load of raw meat and beside you can alway feed your thrall with gruels. I actually want to feed thrall due to how much meat im getting.


We’ll, my meat isn’t as massive as yours, apparently. It’s really quite avarage. As satisfying as it sounds, shoving my meat into my slaves’ mouthes every day would become a chore.


That is so true, clever connection you made there.

I would not mind to feed our Thralls like with a big dinner table where you can asign a cook to serve the food out to the Thralls, at least the ones further away.

Other Thralls who are placed close to the table would come over to eat.

Then I could finally do something else with the tons of cooked lobster I got than putting it in the wheels and composters :slight_smile:


Yes, it is. I hope @Tascha can see this ideal, and share to the development team as they are currently making the pet system. :slight_smile:


No, please don’t make us have to feed thralls!


They already solved the floating thralls issue so i see no reason whatsoever to add feeding mechnic to thralls.
Just because you have more meat than the rest doesn’t mean they have to add extra annoying mechanics :wink:


I really don’t mind having to feed thralls, as long as it doesn’t turn into a micromanagement exercise. But since it probably would, on balance, I think I’d rather do without having to feed them.


Only if we can place down a dining table/canteen (works like a feeding trough with infinite range) that affects the entire tribe, i’d be up for feeding thralls.

The food variable value inside the dining table/canteen can be global, upon which all food values of all thralls within the table’s tribe can feed off of.

Otherwise, this feature will turn into tedium really quickly, as all ARK players can attest.




make it so a stove, bonfire, or camp needs to be close to thralls. or else the thralls starve to dead. flying rhalls problem solved. it will also fix the issue for future, dead bases thralls.


lol… that’s specifically what I don’t want.

You know…

I’ve lost so many Dinosaurs on ARK to them being slightly out of a trough range, it’s actually danm annoying.

If troughs have range, you actually have to start spacing them with exact tile counts between each other on large bases…

Then if there is a purge then the animals get out of range of troughs, and fail to return back in range, i don’t think the animals will last very long…

Imagine having to build dining tables or… like you suggested, a bonfire at every 8 tile interval… that’s gonna be a pain to a lot of builds.

Can you imagine logging on, then having to refill 16 bonfires around your base parameter, and another few bonfires around other outposts? For the next 6 months? 2 times a week?

That’d defeat the entire advantage that CE has over ARK.

I favor CE over ARK because it doesn’t have as much micro-management.

Some people can’t be bothered to log on even to refresh the decay timers… imagine what would happen with limited ranged feeding troughs.



I think thralls are still going to be my premium defence force, because

  1. They can hunt food for themselves.
  2. They can be geared to be OP.

Pets on the other hand are more novelty items, that are more useful in a pen, producing resources, then out there defending stuff.

And when they say “feeding pets” I think they mean… Having pets inside pens, using food AS FUEL to produce whatever it is they produce… Without food they aren’t gonna starve. They’ll just sit there, idle.


So I have to have some sort of cooking station outside my main gate so my thralls will live, and still defend my base…

Oh and one lone griefer could sit outside thrall range while I sleep, snipe that cooking station and basically hurt all nearby thralls for no risk?

This doesn’t seem like a fun experience or game play. Why force food on people just to create an alternate solution to an existing bug (floating thralls)? I’d rather they fix why the thralls float in the first place.


I agree 100% with this - if food for Thralls gets implemented, it has to be on its own merits, not to fix another bug. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and all that…


The main purpose of this method is to prevent people to catch 200+ Thralls or creatures in their base like Pokemon, not to only solve the floating problem.

First, it can lower the pressure of server!!!

Second, no pay no gain, if you do really want to catch that much thralls or creatures, you need to pay more effort, I think its fair enough.

Most of the time, players have LOTS OF extra food on hand, so I don’t see any difficulty to do that, not if you catch 200+ thralls or creatures.

Trust me, in my server, people are crazily non-stop catch thralls, every time when I pass their base, it takes me a long while to load the game.

From now, there is no limit for player to hold thralls or creatures, so this method is a soft way to handle that.


They should fix structure spamming and decay umbilicals, not cap thralls…


Cap thralls for PVE maybe, not pvp.


My base was purged by spiders on my single player game. This included a visit by a boss insect hive queen. It was a hard fight. Given how many spiders and a boss came in for the attack, i would need a sizable thrall force for my base to live if this had occured while I was offline on a official server. Add in that I would need sizable thrall forces on the 3 attackable sides of my base, and just to avoid or limit purge damage I would have to spend far too much time babysitting thralls just to survive purges.

Now in addition to this, you want to add a programming call that will have to check every thrall every say 15 minutes to check their hunger status and you are adding a sizable load to the server.

This seems like more work than it is worth. If you are so desperate to limit thralls, why not create a hard cap limit? Ensure it’s balanced against purges well, and thrall spam would be solves. Plus it would give people morw incentive to upgrade to the best named thralls. Adding food, though, still seems like more hassle than help.


How mutch trauma do you think thralls get after the wheel that you think thralls are that brain dead they need to be hand fed?
They are slaves you break them not raise them just because you don’t see an eating animation doesn’t mean they don’t eat.
Some things need to be left to the imagination not every thing needs to be explained you want to feed them what about sleep do all thralls need beds what about the toilet did you forget that necessity?
When you eat do you see an eating animation no! the same goes for them.
They are probably eating when your not around
You are not babysitting and watching them 24 7 the moment you leave they raid your food box or pantry and leave putrid meat because we all know food don’t Rott that fast or maybe they are cooking up some gruel in one of the many fire pits or stove your not using nicking fibre and seeds from outside
As for the pets the only ones that I believe Need to be fed are the ones in the taming pen wich would make more sense because they have no other way to get food. If I need to give my pets treats for a hard days work looking after things while I’m away and picking up my thralls slack then good they deserve it.


“They are probably eating when your not around”

Be realistic man, they obviously did not eat, and just standing here, don’t put your fantasy on it


If you keep overthinking everything you will never enjoy the the game if you whant to limit the amount of thralls owned by other tribes ask for a thrall limit cap.
What you are asking for is pointless micromanaging.
Pets will probably be op so feeding them will keep the numbers down why add more work to useless thralls.
Besides how we’re you guys planing on feeding worker thralls that don’t leave thier stations.