A "small" Pet Request

Hello all. I genuinely hope that this request does not come across as silly, but I would like one more ‘small’ pet. As a guy who likes Ewoks and their antics, and wiped out the ‘warriors’ of Thirsk Mead Hall to aid the Rieklings on Skyrim, I humbly request that we be allowed to adopt Imps as a pet. I simply cannot resist their charms. Not only are they a barrel of laughs, but they are so wretchedly adorable. Their innane jibber jabber is cute, funny and infectious. And while this may sound a sad, I will sometimes follow one around discreetly just to listen to his chatter. I want few things more than to unleash an angry, mischevous, rambling, swarm of rambunctious little Imps upon the Exiled Lands.

Funcom if you please, allow us some way of adopting Imps as a pets!


@Croms_Faithful I like it. Especially if they could move around some make their rambling sound.


Oh absolutely Sestus. While I doubt they would actively ‘patrol’, I would definately want them to jibber jabber. But hopefully they would do both if an enemy or creature wandered too close to our homes.

Thanks to yourself and @BiJay for the support!

Any Time @Croms_Faithful

This could be interesting, just don’t make the exploding ones tamable, it’d be a total waste of resources.

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or perhaps this would be the point? have the “basic” variant prone to randomly exploding when attacked… but the greater variant is more stable?


Small pets would be wonderful. I like to use bows and honestly most pets are huge and absorb my arrows.

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Thats one reason I like spiders, but I would love to have snakes tho, the small ones.

You know NOGG that just gave me an idea I hadnt previously considered. If we could (hypothetically speaking) have exploding ones too, they would be the closest thing we would have to an ‘intelligent’, self guiding explosive. They would probably make for an interesting raiding mechanic in PvP.

Personally I just wanted them because they are cute and humorous, but you made me just see a new underlying possibility for them. Interesting…

Ps- thanks for the support NOGG.


Thankyou to @Ragnaguard, @Ko6ka and @everybodyvsME too. Much appreciated peoples.

I have always thought Imps would make great pets.

I’d suggest that obtaining them work similar to how you get undead thralls via the Witch Doctor feat.

Have a common imp recipe and an improved imp which gives you a %chance to spawn Imp Kings or Exploring Imps (or new greater versions)


Thanks for the recognition m8!!!u r a nice voice in these forums, and I love the ones with positivity as urs!!! And why not “love” a nice idea? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I would love the ones who explodes as pets also!!! I prefer to think they exploded from love to their masters xd!!!


My pleasure Ragnaguard. And cheers for the kind words there buddy. And Im glad you like the idea. Yeah I do try to keep it civil, constructive and polite where possible. I guess I just try to just talk to people online with the same level of respect I would someone I may bump into downtown. Its actually kind of weird that you and other users such as yourself and @Ranson see me that way, because like the best of us, I do get a bit heated at times. See the example below.

Ps- Ranson if you do really want that chance to disagree with me there :wink: a good place to see my disagreeable side is in any thread about the passive regeneration Vitality 30 perk (Fierce Vitality).


I agree with virtually everything you just said. While they could add a means to capture them or summon them, it would probably be easier to just craft them at the Firebowl Cauldron like the Undead. Less work for the devs!

I also agree that we could have the standard Imp, the Greater version or King Imp, and the Expliding variant. Just think if we gave him a last meal, he would do 25% additional damage! And @CrystalGoddess Im not sure I agree it would be a waste of resources. Can we really put a price on good humour? :wink: Furthermore, PvP may well even find them useful.

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In fact Im curious and might ask a couple out of curiosity. @Barnes, @Cauthey and @WhatMightHaveBeen. Any thoughts? Could you see people actually use these volatile little yahoos in your mode? Or would they be relegated to a cool Pet for others such as myself?

Oh dear, the ever controversial topic of passive healing effects. A forbidden topic around my dinner table :rofl:

ADDED: Actually, I had skipped this thread because tames are inferior to thralls for pvp so not really worried about new additions. But I see the appeal here. It’s like the ugly dogs that are adorable because their so damn ugly but they need love too. Yeah FC, these lonely imps are just bursting with love to give the exiles.

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We could have them line up for their turn at the treb. Like minions!


Regarding: Imp trainables…

It’s an intriguing idea. I think in the PvP world, they probably would not have enough health to make them worthwhile.

I like the idea of an “Improved Explosive Imp” that you might raise/feed with red powder. Then, when someone arrives at your facility, have a couple of these bad boys run at your intruders, and self destruct with the potency of an actual explosive jar. THAT might be fun. But even still - it would be limited use/feasibility. For every detonation you try and kill your sneak thieves with, you’d also be scraping up your T3 pretty bad.

Unless… unless that’s the idea. And you have a strategically placed improved exploder imp on top of some weakened T1 that you want the sneak thief to be standing on when it crumbles - and then they fall into a pit. :smiley:

While it’s a neat idea, and fun to think about, I honestly don’t see that they would be viable. #1 Why is it that you can train pets? Bears, crocodiles, etc.? Because they’re smart. They’re TRAINABLE. Would imps have enough cognitive capacity to learn that their good human exile is the one that brings them fresh food, etc., and is the one to be protected? I think probably not. I don’t know the lore behind the imps. But I think that they were once something else… and then corrupted into the form that we see them in game. Sadly for this idea - I just don’t see it flying within the lore spectrum. #2 They would not make very useful companions / defense. #3 We would have to listen to their gibbering all day. Big negative.

*shrug *

Just one little wee bump before we let this one rest. Besides I forgot to reply to two other members.

Whoa there. Feeding force feeding Imps a highly volatile explosive powder, launching them out of Trebuchets!? @sestus2009 and @Cauthey I should have a good mind to report you both for Pet mistreatment. Except for the fact I also find it funny. Regarding Imps having the mental faculties or loyalty characteristics to become good pets, perhaps not. But then would a Skeleton or Frost Giant servant either (granted that the FG would likely have enough intellect, but probably not the loyalty). Here is what the official wiki says regarding them:

“Quick and agile imps, men twisted beyond recognition by the corruption of the Exiled Lands’ magics, also roam the surrounding area looking for their next meal. Some of the imps are highly volatile, running after any passerby and exploding violently when near. Any slain imp will yield meat when harvested, but the flesh of such a creature will taste horrible even when cooked.”

For the record, I love almost any idea which involves an enemy falling into a pit. And yeah I can understand and accept your reasoning that they wouldnt make a good PvP feature on a tactical level. However I will NOT accept this:

Thats crazy talk. I love their jibbering, and at times even follow them to listen and chuckle. Its so wretchedly cute and funny. In fact it is a part of why I want one as a Pet. Maybe acquired using an artifact of some kind. Im sure good few PvE/Singleplayers would still give the rascals the homes they deserve.


Perhaps guarding the bee hives and compost boxes. Don’t think I want them in my bedroom. But I get a kick out of listening to them. How about a pet rabbit for my wife.