Update the dlc Funcom

I would like funcom to add more to thier dlc. I want pet skins or building skins added to dlc without pet skins or building skins.

I agree. While the CE wiki states that one of the reasons they do not add more decorations in the new DLC is because of memory issues, it’s not like people aren’t already building massive bases that take forever to load. However, I don’t get much use from the pet system since I’m more interested in having a mount. Without decorations in their new DLC, I feel that I’m paying for only half of what I used to receive.

While I’m here, I’d also like to make a suggestion. With the multiple Tier 2 and Tier 3 building pieces both in the base game as well as pieces added through the DLC, it’s a pain navigating my character’s crafting menu. What I suggest is a new workstation, like a Masonry Bench. It could unlock when the player unlocks the Tier 2 base pieces and serve as the hub where all building pieces greater than Sandstone can be crafted. Also, it could be augmented with a Mason class thrall that decreases crafting time for building pieces.


The only real update I want is being able to see the orientation of building pieces. The Frontier and Yamatai foundations feature boards/planks/lines that seem to place randomly and require a lot of dismantling and wasted resources to get perfect.

Please fix this Funcom. Seems like a huge oversight and I really hope it’s fixed in next patch.


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