DLC Building pieces as skins instead of tier 3

Would it be possible to have the DLC buildings act as a skin, like the DLC animals? It would allow for more creativity early game if we could build in the lower tiers. Imagine walking through the noob river and instead of seeing tons of sandstone boxes, you could see tier 1 aquilonian boxes! Or yamatai boxes! Much better! Of course the crafting menu would need some updates, but it’s already in need of a revamp, so this could be the time to do it! Same argument for DLC armor and weapons, but that horse has been beaten to death several times (which you can now do in game!)

It might just be because I’m building a stables and I’m smh at the cost of it. But I can’t be the only one!


So far, the devs have been committed to keeping the game WYSIWYG. The problem with your idea is that in PVP, if you see an Aquilonian box, you don’t know if it’s T1, T2 or T3 anymore. It’s for this same reason we can’t get “transmogrification” or “cosmetic armor slots”.


So just make it a feature which is disabled on PvP server.


That solution sounds really elegant and simple, but consider the tourches and pitch forks.

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More’s the pity, but yes. They have. I’d really really like for them to re-visit that decision (particularly for armor pieces), but I don’t hold out much hope these days.


Me too! Every time that suggestion comes up, I always reply that I support it and then suggest that it should be an option in the settings for each player, so they could choose whether they wanted to see the “cosmetics” or the reality. That way, the goal behind the WYSIWYG is still met: players interested in aesthetics can admire our fashion designs and players interested in combat can take off their “rose-colored glasses” and bash someone’s skull in :smiley:

I simply forgot to include this solution in my reply this time.

Hoo boy, let’s not go there. I could fill the forums with (Conan Exiles) things I don’t hold out much hope for these days. I’m trying to be patient and give Funcom time to do what Alex said – improve communication – but man, it’s not easy.


What I’d actually wish for is getting a special set of building pieces for each of the Tiers from every DLC…just like we’ve already got light/medium/heavy armour skins. Would even be willing to pay extra for it.

Oh I have plenty of hope for CE in general, just not for that particular feature (it’s one of those cases I’d love to be wrong about though).

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Yamatai/Turanian/Khitan etc Peasant (1), Fortified (2), and Royal (3) tiers


That’s the solution right there!

I like the WYSIWYG argument because here I am running around in a bikini in the frozen north totally fine, but switch to my heavy fur armor and I die from frostbite in a minute

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What part of the cost is bothering you?
Maybe we can help you find easier ways to acquire the materials

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Just like in real life, building projects end up significantly cheaper if you steal from your neighbor use stuff that fell off a truck


I agree that the WYSIWYG principle is important, but I’d love it if blocks at the same tier were reskinable as one another.

In this way, players could essentially “re-paint” their house when a new DLC comes out. Lord knows there have been plenty of times where I’ve wanted to do so but have been stymied because you can only swap out base materials for DLC components (i.e. reinforced stone foundation to Aquilonian foundation) and can’t downgrade or sidegrade (i.e. no Aquilonian foundation to Yamatai swaps).

Also, there really do need to be some alternate T1 and T2 pieces so there aren’t quite so many sandstone eye-sores in the Highlands. Likewise, if we can have sandy and non-sandy foundations, it would be nice to have both sides of various wall pieces available for usage: Aquilonian and Black Ice being prime candidates.



T1 alternative could be Hewed Wood (Primarily branches, wood, and twine).
T2 could add something like Treated Wood (Tar, Dried Wood, Iron Reinforcements).

I’d love some more variety at the lower levels!

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