I LOVE the cosmetic aspects to the DLC but they shouldnt contain new building pieces, that should be main game free additions


One of the best things to happen to Conan Exiles is the cosmetic DLC packs IMO. Early into early access, one of my hopes for the game was building diversity. Early days (and pre-black ice etc) every base looked identical and it was really quite disappointing. I wished back then that’d we’d see cosmetic packs for the buildings, never thinking it’d really happen. The quality of these building sets has exceeded my expectations every single time - they look stunning and are more than worth their pricetag IMO.

The best part about these DLC’s is that even if you don’t buy them, you can enjoy the extra diversity of base appearance they add to the game (similar to the way Total War adds new races to the game which you can enjoy as opponents without having to pay for them).

What i am a tad dismayed to see though - is an increasing move towards adding new building pieces to these packs. It’s all good and well to add new building appearances, but new pieces like the curved/vaulted ceilings of the arena pack, the new bridges and tree foundations of the Dekerto pack - these should be enhancing the base game. These packs should be adding a plethora of extra cosmetics and options yes, but i firmly believe the structural pieces should be going into the base game as they really are standard feature sets.

Not sure if i’m alone in this thinking but i am hoping this doesn’t become a continued trend. I appreciate that there is lots of new content going into the game that is in fact free, but when new building pieces start to become the norm - i am concerned. I’m also voicing this as someone who owns most of the DLC packs - i just don’t think these new pieces should be key features of the packs, it’s creeping further and further away from being cosmetic. Being able to so easily create bridges is pretty advantageous as far as base construction goes for example.


*Bolded portion is to what I am replying.

As Jens-Erik said in reply to a chat, it’s the same stability as a ceiling tile. Without diminishing the beauty of the piece, it appears to be just a ceiling tile or other spanning square tile.

I will say from a PvP level if I see somebody with all the DLC I give them props rather than bombs. I do see what you mean, but there should be some exclusivity to the purchase, should there not?

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Selling styles and decoration, sure. Selling unique conveniences only accessible via DLC, not so much. Though ceiling tile’like (Really a special foundation), it’s considerably larger; probably also using less stability over a longer distance and has 6 connection points. It can also snap to trees and other landscape without the need for a foundation.

If you wanted to perform this under any other circumstance you’d need to place 1 foundation 6 wedges or 1 wedge foundation and 5 wedge tiles which could prove to be more tedious depending on the circumstances where as the Treehouse Foundation accomplishes all of that with a single piece.

Something like that should be accessible to everyone, not locked behind a paywall.


Ohhh you’re meaning the 6-piece center-ring foundation? Yeah I see that. You’ve got 100 stability across the whole plate, can’t see how that won’t be exploited. In which case I’m happy it’s behind a pay-wall. :slight_smile:

Good point.

the only reason i am buying this DLC is because the Guardian and Dark templar armors ( i was a fan of AOC and my main toon was a guardian tank) .

i do believe this dlc to be the weakest in terms of offerings. the building pieces is just Meh… the decorations are OK, the red fabric stuff you hang is cool , but not being able to dyed it make it a bummer. the chess part is just horrible, i would had love to see statues instead, large ones that can serve as decoration that can be seen . instead of the little statues… but that is just me.

and funcom where are our derketo cats?

was expecting more…


There’s a debaucheries of derketo DLC in the pipe. Presumably cats would be there? Not sure why you’d want a cat that’s undead and has a skinned face though :frowning:

It’s interesting seeing people upset about a ceiling tile. I was just thinking the other day that it’s sad that steel weapons eclipse the flavor-weapons so fast and I lose my ability to have that faction theme for a while.

Fantastic, while we’re at it let’s also make mounts only accessible through DLC. Maybe even a microtransaction system involving the obelisks that gives us temporary invulnerability when loading in.

Capitalism for the win :smile:

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As Barnes said already, the new bridges have the same stability as a ceiling. I’ve spent a lot of time with the socket and stability systems on the back end, and from what I can tell from the video, they operate the same as if you had placed down a handful of ceilings. They look great, but operate the same.

Foundations, sure, the argument could be made there. And I get that side of the argument, it’s fair to make and I recognize your opion and concerns. But I can also understand the argument from the players who have made suggestions and requests since the very first DLC that they wanted something new, not just a retextured or different mesh foundation. And I also understand the developers argument that it isn’t financially feasible to add that 6 sided foundation for every DLC and vanilla buildings (and the same goes for the Arena pieces). Everything has a budget and time required to make. And as Barne’s said, there should be some exclusivity to the purchase, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in my mind.

If the choice came down to either something slightly different and new, yet another foundation that isn’t different from anything else, or nothing at all, that choice is easy. Something new, every time. Maybe others feel differently though.

Salivation territory. I’m still holding out hope for the Necromancer armors!

Not a fair comparison and in my opinion, something Barnes wasn’t trying to claim or say.


As rob stated in one of the post the reasons they are adding these pieces in to dlc is to keep things separate as putting them in base game can be some what done but they can not bring these pieces to all dlc as it would cost a lot and I mean a lot of money and time to do this though there was something about useing some on base game would cause issues as I am writing this I can not remember but some of these pieces could go in base game depending on how they do it but there could be some sort of problems and issues that why they are making these pack exclusive on top of that it is only 10$ pure pack except riddle of steel which was 7$ so I see your alls point and there’s but it only 10$ so I really don’t see a real issue lol

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I have no issues with exclusivity in the DLCs - in fact, if they dont have something special and unique, they’re not going to sell. I understand all that - but my point is, when it comes to fundamental building pieces, they shouldn’t be seperated by a cost, they should be part of the game. Cosmetic bridge options? Sure thing - but the fact this bridge is several ceiling pieces together, that alone makes it a very valuable addition to the game from a builders point of view. If anything the basic bridge should go into the game for all players, and the Dekerto pack provides additional skins for it or somesuch - the idea being the DLC gives players an optional ability to have an awesome looking bridge, unique from the original.

I just feel that the building system is a core mechanic of the game, and when unique elements to that building system that are non-cosmetic begin to be the main features of DLC packs - well i’m a tad dismayed by that (even when i generally end up purchasing regardless as a show of support for the game)

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You do realize we were both being sarcastic?

Okay, but the stability doesn’t change? The long piece is basically 3 ceilings long or whatever, stability is identical as if you just built 3 ceilings. It probably goes down by 20 for every “section.” I fail to see an advantage other then clicking your mouse button a couple more times. It probably costs the same in materials too.


I’m not wanting to dissect the specifics here because that’s not the point. The fact is - it’s a unique building piece which is a great addition to the game - but given it’s essentially a new building piece, i fail to see why it wouldn’t just go straight into the main game via a content update. The same with the tree foundations. I can tell you now i’d much prefer working with a pre-set bridge piece than 3 seperate ceilings. Minior difference but I hold to that point.

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We were actually enjoying a light-hearted joke. No harm done, my friend. :smiley:

Wait, I’m sorry… this thread is about the derketo dlc? Where was the DLC detailed? I don’t see anything on the store page.

Dev stream. Written summary here ->


My guess we wouldn’t get any building pieces in Riders of Hyboria at all, as everyone in Funcom will be running around with 2 additional horse skins yelling “yaaai, horsies!!!” The content of year 2 DLC looks very unbalanced in terms of content per DLC, yet they all are equally priced.

Yeah Riders of Hyboria most likely looks like a big mount skins pack. I hope I’m wrong!

If I don’t end up getting a stable for my horse, I think we will need to throw the whole DLC out. :joy:

As Multigun already wrote and Jens even answered at the previous stream: its about time and money.

They would have to make T1-T3 Versions and all the previous DLCs (probably not all, but most of them).

I can understand your point, but also Funcom…

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