Your building devs missed their chance



It’d been nice to have curved and circular stairs. It’d been nice to have round, and fluted pillars. It’d been nice to have the statues actually able to be used as pillars …with smaller ones single height, and larger ones double height.

it is so obvious, but you missed the boat.


This was discussed during early development, but it was decided that we wouldn’t go too overboard on the amount of building pieces per tier.


More Building pieces? Why not - every piece means more possibilities in building- you can but you don’t have to. Building with this game is so great - so why not pushing this system further?
Nevertheless there is really one building piece missing : a 2x2 gate - this is really a must have for this game. They are already in - look at the doors of the northern watchtowers - please, at least integrate these in the game


Oh id love a small gate or double door frame to go with the fences. Putting the giant gateway with the fences looks very awkward.


Your* building devs missed their chance


Like I said…you missed the boat. Building is one of the most used systems of this game, and you want to skimp on it.


:rofl: No one’s accusing you guys @Funcom for going “Overboard” on anything believe me! Complete the opposite!

Actual fixes,Qol improvements, thralls, LAG, crashes, building pieces, and the like.


i too want some French doors… that Gates are too freaking large


Perhaps, this is an opportunity for a cosmetic, “Expanded Building Set” DLC? The base game has the necessary building pieces, but making an “Expanded Building Set” in all three tiers with such things as:

  • 1x1 double doors
  • 2x2 double doors
  • 2x2 gates
  • curved stairs (x1 and x2 wide)
  • round pillars (x1 and x2 in height)
  • fluted pillars (x1 and x2 in height)
  • statue pillars (x1 and x2 in height)
  • 1x1 half wall
  • 1/2x1 catwalk (half as wide as a full ceiling tile)
  • extra attachment points on foundations (both square and triangular for pillars to be placed on edges rather than centered) (also, so that pillars can be placed where walls meet for a better, aesthetic look)
  • 1x1 windowed wall with a circular window (porthole, rather than square)

I’m sure your talented folks can come up with all kinds of alternative building pieces to expand upon. And it would supply the game with more options for those builders who love to construct. And as pointed out, it would only be an expansion (not a necessity for the core game).


I think you missed what I was saying. You already had pillars …you put in statues …do you see where I’m going with this? When you made the statues, who didn’t think to make them pillar size?


I mean sure, for very early access it might have been too much, but now?
You even implemented all those different roof types. (Though I dont use them; I never build in a way that I would need them.)
Why would a few more building pieces (which then actually get used) hurt?
There are enough wishes. Circular stairs are one, doors with different sizes are a second wish.
And there are so many ideas.

And why stop at general missing stuff?
Lets talk about DLCs as well! The last one got a bed, one for the khitan is missing.
Then different wells - preferably both sizes, or big one only.
And maybe even reskins of the elevators/drawbrigde?

As some others said, the building system allows for so much creativity, it’s one of the most used system - if not one of the most attractive systems.

I like Bodins idea with advanced building DLC though. Especially because he asks to deliver them for all three tiers.

Why not shape the pillars like statues? Then double height pillars as well…


Don’t know about all platforms, but PS4 Pro really struggles to stream textures on the DLC added pieces as it is. Sometimes less is more :slight_smile:


some different material signs as well …wooden signs on Aquilonian walls just looks …well …tacky


No matter how many extra building options Funcom chose to put in (and they put a lot, on par or more then Ark) people will complain it isn’t enough. That’s what modding is for. If not on PC, or if you are one of those people who refuse to use mods for some reason, then ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Game needs windows, skylights and stained glass actually.


@Stone-Spear I agree and have have wanted this since EA. There are a lot of suggestions about these wonderful kinds of things to be added to a great building game. Along with other storage options, other signs and more.


Why not ? having more stuff to build, it’s juste better, windows are too small, having more windows type would be better, and the same with doors, stairs and everythings.


And with more stuff mean less need of mod I love all modder ability to just say “dammit, Im making this because i dont wannt wait” but they do need to tone down on texture quality we dont need 4048x4048 texture on building pieces you can get alot more out of 1024x1024 texture. The biggest issue is too big texture for small object.


Oh I didn’t know that, that’s a pitty - let’s hope the next generation of the console will be able to do this - how long will it take? - I think Sony pronounced it allready :innocent: I personally play on a pc which has no problems with textures. So for me there is no reason to resign on better features


Are there known bugs on building tiles? Never saw one, never had one! Maybe you mean the Decay feature?