Building Pieces

I’d like to suggest a few building pieces that the vanilla game does not have that seem like an easy add. I’m sure they’ve been said before, but here goes.:

-Railings that can be added to stairs that actually look like the fences, are the same height, and connect to fences when placed next to them.

  • Rounded archways, in various heights, particularly for the Jewel of the west pack.
    -Dome shaped roofs.
    -2 High doors and gates.
    -Arched doors, more door shapes, and double doors.
    -More window shapes like arches and diamonds.
    -An entire Moroccan style DLC would be epic and very fitting!

That’s it for now, I’ll edit this post if I think of more! Thanks for reading!


I think someone (Tascha?) said it was on their list, but it was pretty near the bottom, and there was no guarantee it would happen, and certainly no ETA.

All the rest are also heavily asked-for (particularly the “size 2” doors), but last time we got any reply to the topic, they (Funcom) did not sound hopeful at all that we’d ever see a new building piece (outside of reskins for DLC).

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I already asked generally for the possibility of new building pieces. They answered this question in one of the last Devstreams: they do not want to rule it out but in the near future it’s neither planned nor prioritized for the future afterwards. There were a few Threads and posts discussing this answer by many other Players. So I’m afraid that no new building tiles will come more. Ultimately, the players will have to rely on mods, which of course excludes the users of Xbox and Playstation, or the players who play only on official servers.
Some of the building pieces, you’re suggesting are already part of mods @momma_jibi. For example the Mod Glasconstructions and more includes already archways and different windows. The Modder I-emerge generates them in Blender, so they are really new building tiles.

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I know about mods to create some of the pieces. I just was hoping they’d eventually add more for us to play around with.

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