Bring the variety in building pieces up to parity

Last season some unique building pieces were introduced to the game. I propose adding a second version of previously released DLC to make the new building pieces and items available in the style of previously released DLCs.

Blood and Sand:
arched ceilings
arched gates/doorways
arched gate/door
inverted corner stairs
2h axe/shortsword

Riders of Hyboria:
gate frame pillars
stable fence pillars
half height wall
I’m sure there are others I overlooked, but you get the idea.

So reskin the pieces above to match Khitan, Aquilonian, Yamatai, Frontier, Turian, black ice, and reinforced stone.
Additionally I would like to see interior walls added to each set that are the same on each side.

Blood and Sands II and Riders of Hyboria II could have the standard roof pieces that are missing from them added.

This would also present a good opportunity to introduce civilian clothing and new placeables for each of the styles.

These could be sold individually as smaller DLC or as a large single parity pack.


Tottaly agree, i know that i repeatedly ask for internal buiding pieces, but i love perfection to my builds. Thanks for bringing this up. :+1:

Aye! Gimme all the above!

Satisfy our greed for more buildingpieces and we’ll help satisfy the greed of your shareholders. Win Win.

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