PLS more building pieces to the other dlcs

hey funcome its nice to see all the building sets their is on the Bazaar i just saw a video of the destroyed building set of the nemidian set,
i hope funcome you will think over it but it will be really nice to see building sets of the other dlc´s their dont have that much to offer to building i have a good exsampel is the (Khitan dlc) that is only a exsample and allso lets us get gates their is 3 high instead of 4 high gates,
i love what you have done with the turainian sets and aesir and the stormglass set so i hope you give us more to the other dlc´s like the Khitan dlc and yamatai i feel with the yamatai dlc we need the Sakurai Tree and some more things

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I’d kill for some interior walls, frames, sloped walls, wall caps, and door frames for frontier. I hate the look of the exterior side. Also, fences without spikes.


something i allso miss double door and doorframe Their is a lot their needed to the dlc´s for we have mods on pc but console gamers dont have mods and i think allso to add more stuff to the dlc´s willl maybe keep people more want to stay have have a lot more fun to build with

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