Building Pieces And Bazaar Suggestions And Fixes

I’d like to make a few suggestions. I know that some of the building sets are becoming “old” but still very used by the community, and I’m thankful Funcom has decided to keep the DLCs available for purchase. I’m also thankful for mods but not everyone wants or can use mods of course. My input is somewhat long though:

:arrow_right: A revision of ALL the existing building sets from both base game and DLCs. This includes:

  • Fixes to the Isle of Siptah Stormglass set when it comes to the overlapping issues when two walls are placed together in certain positions. Wall decorations “sink” on the walls if they’re placed between both walls, or they seem to be floating at times instead (if they’re placed somewhere else on the walls). I need to use a small trick + Pippi mod to correct my decorations position, it’s a bit of a hassle as it happens constantly with this building set.

  • I’m not sure if it’s possible to fix the issue with some building pieces going through ceiling pieces and walls (like stairs placed diagonally can at times stick through ceilings and the elevators’ wooden pillars can be seen through walls).

  • There are plenty of building pieces per building set which is great, but adding a few variants to them such as fence variants (examples: fences without spikes or no top decorations below) would be cool. Even a few more walls - interior walls with equal sides for rooms and half walls.

:arrow_right: Making the Bazaar a bit more consumer-friendly and at least long-time players less dissatisfied with your service:

  • Instead of “splitting” the already existing sets in both base game and especially paid DLCs such as the Stormglass and the Sandstorm sets, creating a whole Bazaar-exclusive set could be something to try out and see if it’s worth it - might also be profitable. Even though people like me use Stormglass a lot, seeing the rest of this building set which is already paid on the Bazaar is a complete turn-off. Not that I’m a fan of mostly new pieces, just a few - but I disagree with this decision, so I’m providing feedback on this for future adjustments and better decisions because I know more players disliked the decision, not price-wise here.
    Examples of what could be a Bazar-exclusive set: “Star-Metal Building Set” - this one would be made of an X amount of pieces based on the Star Metal material, featuring the same amount of pieces a DLC includes, which would be motivating enough for a player to purchase. Another one - a reskin of the Sandstone set, like a “Grey, Blue or Snowy Sandstone Set”.

  • Building pieces exclusivity? People of the Dragon DLC brings a few exclusive pieces - I’m aware of that but not meaning I fully agree with it, while DLCs are purely cosmetic, they should be full variants of base game items, so why not put every kind of rooftop pieces as well as vaulted ceilings in the base game building sets and only different skins under a paywall? This applies to the Bazaar too of course. Chimneys could have been implemented in the game before, at least the basic-looking one. It’s great to see many creative people who knows how to do workarounds to still be able to make great bases with what the game already offers - I am not complaining here, just adding suggestions and asking for some more balance as I feel like something’s not right in here if you’re charging more, I’m sure many of us wouldn’t mind keeping supporting you if you’d be completely fair with us.

I know things on the Bazaar are new items, but what you’re offering is too little for what the old (still much more rewarding) DLCs offer for the price. I hate comparisons but I feel the need to provide feedback here this time, exceptionally. I’d like to hear mature replies to this thread, please.

Basically with $10/10€ you can either get a big collection of things or 21 new Stormglass pieces OR some hedge bushes + a couple of emotes - needs balance on that store. I do not mind seeing the in-game store and also agree they need continuous support for the game to not stop updating it, I wonder how it will be in a couple of years though.
People can choose to not get full packs but then they’re paying more for getting less - you know many still buy it and yes the game needs fuel to keep running - but balancing it more brings more people to the table. The Battle Pass is balanced in my eyes. The Bazaar prices, sales, and how the item bundles are split sometimes there seem a bit off to me - might still be prone to future improvements.

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