Pyramid Set Feedback

Such a miss not having some more building pieces for such an awesome set.

For starters, there isn’t an inner-corner for the regular ramp, despite having one for the steep ramp.

Regular stairs would have been great, you can build a wide variety of pyramid types, not necesarily just a classic triangle. I have one with steps on the outside too, currently I switched to white marble ones

You can also use this to build some of the surrounding area, obelisks esc.

1-block arches (a bit like the Arena piece) could be nice for some inner alcoves etc.

Fence Foundations, they have many awesome uses including half-burrying them in the floor to make little pedestals (no cheating / modding), maybe hyroglyphed columns too,

A regular thin ramp that can be used on the underside of stairs such as sandstone, to hide the hollow back end.

Some 2-block entryways or doors,

You get the picture. More pieces using the pyramid’s texture scheme :blush:

Also, depending on the -size- of the pyramid, a gate might be a big part

Lastly, a known bug: the pieces were retextured from wooden pieces, and walking on some (such as the thick stone ceiling) is still meshed to sound like wood surface instead of stone

I really hope to see a much wider imprived version in the future :blush: I’ll add some pics of my WEIRD W.I.P pyramid :grin:

All-in-all solid 10/10 for the idea, 7/10 for execution :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum fellow exile! Although i respect the building talent of some players like my dear friend @UNfun, how cool would it be if these bazaar items, or some previous dlc items, had all the same basic pieces and differences only to special items. I believe that a gate on the pyramid set is “mandatory”. A beautiful gate with glyphs and pillars.
I do understand the power of mix and match. I do see the talent. Yet, even these people who know how to mix and match do understand the beauty of “set”!
So i totally agree with your feedback!


Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t want to argue against him. In that specific post i said it myself that the pyramid set lacks a bunch of pieces.
But it isn’t that limited as some people might think and offer some inspiration.

However, it definitely lacks a lot of pieces. I also would like fences and crenellations.

But MOST IMPORTANT: ceilings in the same shape as the foundations. Because it needs a lot of space to basically use 1-2 foundations as walls.


Agreed, the set needs more pieces and also more art pieces, like those found on the walls of ancient egyptian ruins, and perhaps some statues representing the proto-egyptian gods.

With the limited pieces available, and some imagination by borrowing from other sets, I managed to craft something quite interesting.


I can’t like one building set over another as I use tricks of layering them and use mixtures to create designs ^^

For example, you can mix Nemedian and Sandbrick to create wonderful moroccan arches, add Turanian on top to embelish, etc. :slight_smile:
Aesir wood could be mixed as sun-dried yellowish wood supports, scaffolding, etc. :slight_smile:

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I fully agree, I wouldn’t ask for something like that only because it sounds too ambitious ^^ for a company that still needs it’s “quick buck” moments, which I understand :slight_smile:
As a “Wholesome” game, that is the way to go though. Take 7 Days to Die as an example, of building being a staple


Wow I love it! :slight_smile: nice work

I can’t post screenshots yet, joined the forums a bit late xD So far my designs are quite simplistic as I get used to the pyramid pieces

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Alas though, I thought about it a bit, I think it’s near rare to none-existant that we’ll see sets updated in the future anymore. I just remembered buying the lost dungeon set, only to buy it again for a similar price, as the updated version of the original lacking set, just to get more pieces. I minded a bit, but I was ok with it. Mostly wishing I would have waited, but the Bazaar is a gamble.

I haven’t dug into this nor do I wish to, but I can only imagine the outrage at something like that happening with that set. Realisticly that might mean that no more sets would be updated if that was the case, especially due to the upgrade ability through the bazaar medium.

You HAVE to release it as a product, you HAVE to price it, and you can’t make it a “free upgrade” or small priced, because there are new or other players who haven’t even purchased the first version yet.

So long as the medium doesn’t allow for a somewhat complicated implemintation of an upgrade system, it remains having to “Double-purchase” a set with some extra pieces for us who have it, meaning it could lead to a backlash. No solution here really aside from re-working the bazaar system, which means a headache, time and resources. So I don’t think our feedback would help much sadly ^^"

But, we’ll see I guess :slight_smile: alwayts optimistic or trying to xD

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