About Pyramid set

Very simple looking, clean, not rich with detail but… I LOVE IT.
Monumental and nicely fit to the EL map. Totally worth spending battle pass coins.
But PLS no more incomplete sets, i understand some sets are specific, but can we have at least ALL MAJOR basic parts with new sets? It gives aaa way more opportunities.
Its really hard to build even simple structure without wedges, wall fences and roof-parts. With all available sets, nothing really match up.


Wouldn’t a wedge fly in the face of a pyramid? They are definitionally square bottomed after all.


I love the tight fit between pieces giving it a very seamless feel. Working on a 20x20 pyramid. Lots of stone.

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No more incomplete sets indeed!

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This one doesn’t mind sets that don’t have all piece types…

However, it would be appreciated if they were more comprehensive.

For example, the Pyramid set, fence foundations, fences, and a full size stair set are absences very keenly felt.

The Turanian Tent set is missing the inverted wedge roofs, inside roof corners, and any form of roof top whatsoever, which very much hurts tent builds of any larger size or basic complexity.

Then there is the Aesir Fortress…
So close, yet so far away from finally having a both sides the same interior wall set, and yet, no angle walls, or wall triangle top and then there is the door issue…

Finally, the expanded Thatch set, no hay covered wedges? Nor timber wedges? Ayesh.

Stormglass Cathedral was close enough.

Again, this one doesn’t expect a full reskin of all the pieces, say, Nemedian has…
But just a bit more to flesh out builds would be appreciated.


I notice you make no mention of the dungeon set. :rofl:

Yes, well, this one is trying to keep criticism constructive and this one feels there is far more wrong with that collection of awkward foundations than a few extra pieces could ever hope to correct.

And if there is nothing nice to say…

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You mean the really nice flooring set? Because that’s all I use it for… :unamused:

Technically, you’re right. However, we don’t always wanna make “pyramids” out of these sets. It’s a nice sandy looking set and would make for a good desert build.


THIS! I want building some ancient fort\temple etc, archaic and monumental.
Well roof parts are probably not very logic for this set, from some point i can get it, but wedges and wall fences (anticlimb?!) are 100% mandatory.

Not having wedges is kind of a deal breaker.

its a pitty it not having wedges, i skipped the dungeon set because it was no ceiling or wedges too.

Maybe we should make a Wiki table that shows which DLC and bazaar offer which parts, so customers can see at a glance what they get from buying a pack and can make an informed decision. Because I feel like most people just assume there are enough parts to build something when they buy a pack on the bazaar, which is not true for the most part.

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There are. When you go in there you can review each category and it shows what is included.

Plus the wiki shows you all of the bazaar items on the released version. You can piece together what going to be released from a review here. For instance, I can see a nemedian culture pack being one of the major offerings this seaons that will include the bookcase, a decadent clothing, a library ladder and I’m hoping they put in the hidden door bookcase. I also see the war-torn ruins being lumped with nemedian peasant clothing. The aesir chieftain will be included with the polar bear skin. And it looks like they did take the feedback about the aesir blacksmith and have made the stygian armorer’s bench an improved one (and will probably include the stygian armor stands and sign).

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