Crom demands more wedge foundations

Crom gave every player the strength to build more interesting shapes with wedge foundations. From every DLC, his children built rounded towers as a testament to his gifts. But now he sits on his mountain and frowns in disappointment at the Black Lotus Bazaar. The bazaar does not bless Crom’s children with the divine equilateral of ages past. Crom weeps, for his children build square roofs.


Aesir build set in Chapter 3 Black Lotus Bazaar has wedge pieces


Heckin’ Funcom trying to murder my wallet.

Wedge pieces would be nice.

I swear if they make a “wedge bundle” I’d lose my mind with rage. And probably be compelled to buy it lol

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It’s two build sets with Chapter 3. Aesir part 2 and Lost Dungeon part 2. Can ask someone on Testlive to check admin panel to see if LD has wedges

The bazaar build sets are so incomplete it’s killing me. And faulty, but that’s another story. Let’s take the Aesir set for example, absolutely great looking set and some other sets can be used to fill in some of the missing pieces but nothing goes together perfectly. Especially the wedges. And since there’s a rounded ceiling and a wall, shouldn’t there be a rounded sloped roof also? Yes, there most definitely should, but there isn’t. Turanian expansion goes somewhat ok with the set but yeah…

Stormglass expansion was great since it actually expanded the original set so the textures are the same. But the Turanian for example doesn’t fit well to the original so it’s kinda pointless to call it an expansion. Just take the time to make complete sets, Funcom. It’s the least you can do since they are way overpriced and faulty.

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