DLC building peices

Something im extremely upset about is that ive purchased nearly every DLC specifically for the building mats, and i noticed some of the DLC doesnt have certain building pieces. For example, both the Riders of Hyboria and the Blood and Sand pack dont have wedged wall pieces. Ive recently been working on a rather large build for my Derketo temple, and ive been using the stable pieces like the lattice walls with curtains over it, to make it look sensual and have a sort of “peak in” vibe. However there are places where i need the wedged pieces to complete the wall. Ive tried mixing packs but unfortunately for the style im going for it just doesnt work. This is also true for the coliseum stuff, which bums me out.
Theres nothing like making plans to knock out untamed thralls and make them fight to work in your derketo temple. You know… all who die get eaten in the pit of yog type thing. Its brutal and i cant live out my dreams due to lack of wedged pieces. HALP!

The DLCs are thematic e.g. Blood and Sands has no roof pieces. It is by design and how Funcom intended it to be. Mix and match is the way to go as the chances for them adding to an already released DLC are about 0.0001%.



And, honestly, I am finding much more satisfaction in mixing DLC in building that a monolithic approach.

This is preference, not judgement.

I do wish the textures were a bit more open source so that modders could add missing pieces to sets. Ars Gothica has some new pieces I’d love in my Aquilon and Argossian sets.

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I understand all that but i never made mention of roofs. It being thematic shouldnt prevent you from having sloped wall pieces in the lattice style. As well as stone, The most basic building piece in the game not having inverted sloped corners. Its bizarre for no apparent reason. :woman_shrugging:t4: i dont see any reason the devs couldnt release a DLC pack with all the, very obviously, missing pieces in it.
Like you said though. Its probably a long shot in the dark.


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