DLC Building Pieces Request/Suggestion

My group and I just took the plunge and purchased the DLC.
For the most part, we do enjoy most of it, and I won’t get into the perceived failings several of us have, with one exception.

The building pieces for all three sets are pretty nice, and have a marked difference from the default building sets. I do like the Aquilonian and Khitai sets, but the tops of the foundations, while very nice, do not tile well. And the issue is, they do not pair well with most of the other default sets. So, using the Aquilonia foundations and wedges are nearly impossible for two reasons. The pattern on the square foundation looks nice, and very well done but you cannot build a room with them because it kills your eyes. And, the reflective polished look when in a well lit room produce an overpowering bloom effect that makes it impossible to even see!

Could we please get an additional set of foundation and floor pieces for all three DLC sets that just have the base material on the top (marble for the Acquilonian, the gray stone for the Khitan sets) so we can build a proper floor and alternatively, a ceiling, that does not overpower the eyes with the pattern?

Also, the Frontier set has a nice wood pattern, but it is the only set that has NO special pattern to it, and the wood texture and color of the set does not pair well with any of the other sets. It would be nice to get an addition for all the foundation shapes of this set also, that DOES have a pattern of some sort, perhaps something carved or an image, or roughly painted/faded image?

Just an idea. I build a LOT, and it is very difficult to get the different sets to match and avoiding that tiled look is often impossible to do. With the DLC as-is, I feel I can only use the Acquilonian and Khitan sets for their pattern when seen from the side, in most cases. It would be nice to have some additional peices that tile well.

Thanks for considering this.


Yep, this is very true. It’s one of the big problems with having only small pieces (relatively speaking) to build from. The idea to have larger foundation options was noted and is one of the ideas supposedly being considered for inclusion (but obviously there’s a long, long way from “considering it” to deciding to do it, to eventual, actual inclusion).

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It is really kind of frustrating to take so long from idea to implementation for (what appears to us players and server admins) is a relatively small addition or change. All three DLCs seem to be lacking in content. It is almost as if someone said “I have an idea” and things were made… but it was created from the initial idea and not from working on the DLC before creation started. So many pieces are missing, not just from the DLC but from the base game itself.

While not giving us some sort of “road” peices, like some simple stepping stones, for example…it could have been solved by letting us “align to terrain” with the base foundations. Instead, we have to use a lot of not-so-simple tricks to get things to place and NOT snap.

I love the DLC pieces for building, but holy smokes so many pieces are missing and will probably never be added. As a builder, and a server admin, building things is just a pain as-is. I can hope they add things, and make it a little easier to place things…not to mention giving us some additional pieces to make things appear like they blend well together, but deep down I know this will probably never happen. If it does, it will probably take way longer than it should.

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