Aquilonian Wedge foundation and rugs clipping through

Game mode: | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: [NA]

Rugs clip through Aquilonian wedge foundations. They lay on the ceiling tiles and square foundations nicely, but the edges of the wedge foundations do not align with the rug. I know this is a problem with various other foundations and ceilings, just wanted to point out the new versions flaws.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build Aquilonian wedge foundations
  2. Place a rug on it
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Lots of placeables do this, the Khitan banners do the same and the original carpets. I agree it looks naff.

Workaround, not a fix, is to just place two rugs down one on top of the other.


This bothered me for a long time. Nothing new with the DLC. They should fix that for real. Thanks for the hint with two carpets! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @PitMonk for the tip using two rugs :slight_smile:

When they should decide to fix that, I assume this would come as a reshape of the wedge, a heads-up would be nice so people could remove stuff they placed on them in case same thing happens as after the MOAP


Seems all of the rugs and carpets need a tweek…


That’s a nice effect even though it’s unintentional… kind of worries me the effect of fixing the aquilonian square foundations and wedges to address this issue will have on the placeables situated on them…especially coming weeks after DLC release so lots of players have had time to build in it.

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Thank you. I was fixated on the new stuff and neglected trying the older rugs.

BTW, that green and orange really clashes with the marble… Such a fashion faux pas. :wink:

I didn’t use it :slight_smile:

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