DLC visual bug - Frontier, Yamatai & Aquilonia corner stairs offset from regular stairs

Just a visual bug and probably on Live as well:


I just did some more testing. Looks like Frontier, Yamatai and Aquilonia, although only one side of the Aquilonia seems to be off.

I can confirm the issue, at least with Aquilonian, is also on Live.

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A lot of the Yamatai stuff has issues like this. Can’t put down rugs because the floor clips through it and just last week I had the same issue trying to put a wall sign on the side of a foundation piece.

Wasn’t aware of any problems with Frontier or Khitan, though I haven’t used them much yet, but Yamatai definitely has issues.

And yes, this is on Live.

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Hey there,

Thanks for your report. We’ll send it to our team and they’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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