Yamatai is not perfect


I’ve found numerous quality issues in latest DLC Yamatai:

  1. Floor tiles have wrong placement. They are too high and dont fit with foundations. Floors clip trough Large Campfire.
  2. Yamatai Sloped roof is not tailable so it dont fit together.
  3. Yamatai Fence also do not fit its used as corner. Also in straigth line there is a large gap.
  4. Animals have wrog position on floor and foundation. They are collapse trough it with their front legs or even fall trough it on game load.
  5. Doors have clip trough frame because have wrong position.
  6. Khitan Tapestry hooks have incorrect placement with yamatai walls so they floating.
  7. Last: its not yamatai problem but in jungle (M4) rocks looks realy bad. Not sure its a problem with normal maps or diffuse textures. They look too smooth.
    Please fix these.

P.S: Sorry for my english.


I’m so glad I didn’t buy it. And I won’t. Not until Funcom deliver better quality control. CE is a great game, except for that aspect of their company.

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. I am sending it to our team.

PS: Your English is mostly excellent :slight_smile:

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That’s excellent, Ignasis. I notice you responding to a lot of bug reports on this forum. It’s heartening to see a feedback loop from player reports on game issues. I asked several people on the server I play on who confirm the list of issues as follows:

  • the ceilings are indded higher then the foundations, yet if you look at the black ice ones, it is the same
  • yes when you place rugs or carpets, they clip through the ceilings, most specialy the edges of the ceilings
  • the fences, yes when used in corner, you have a gap, you don’t see through it, but you have on the outside the gap
  • Animal thing I can conffirm, constantly
  • Floor tile vs. foundation I’ve seen
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Thanks for confirming it. We got an additional report pointing out all these misalignments so you’re all definitely on to something. I’m updating the report with all this additional information, thank you!

(And happy new year)

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And I don’t like that Yamatai foundations have directional pattern on them but I can’t see it in the “ghost mode” at all. Both Aquilonian and Khitan DLC foundations are symmetrical, Insulated Wooden Foundation is directional but I see its direction clearly, so only this new DLC is a problem. Please improve ghost mode of this DLC too.


Totally agree with that. One of the very fun aspects of CE is the building. It’s an amazing and super fun feature. In that, many players like to line things up! I do. :smiley:

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Yes yes! I’ve posted on it before as well and we must get a way to aligh all building pieces. Simply a white or black dot in a corner would work. One that is only visible during placement. Visible from above, below and the side.

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