Yamatai flat ceiling tiles don't match

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The wedges are slightly lower than the squares. Khitan matches up much better. Don’t have the other DLCs yet to check.

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Is both ceilings?
I know that foundations and ceilings dont match correctly, one of them are higher, but About ceilings+ceilings idk

Hey there,

Could you confirm that this issue is only happening on our testlive branch instead of the live build? If so, I’ll move this thread into our Testlive sub-forum.

Zajczev is correct. It is also with foundation pieces. On a single player live client (not Testlive) I placed wedge and square foundations, along with wedge and square flat ceilings. As you can see in this video, it is the square ceiling that is higher than all the other types. Thank you for looking into this Ignasis!

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also, its problem with all pieces, not just yamatai, i have all dlcs and all act like that,
its cus base model, becasuse t1 foundations + t1 ceilings do the same, looks like snap poins on foundations is low, so move it by few points /idk what UE uses to define lenght/

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If I trip on this, can I sue someone ? :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the video. I’m updating my report in this issue for our devs.

Can anybody confirm this is not a Yamatai isolated issue, but also affecting other DLCs?

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20190102150010_1 20190102150016_1

t2 wedge is normal, but ceiling not

idk about ohhers dlcs, i thing i have same problem with ,aqua and frontier, but i cant find that now, probably just cus snaping order


Thank you, I’ll send your findings to our team. :slight_smile:

Happy new year.

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