Khitan Foundations

Hi, Why wont the Khitan foundations stack they do now and then on the odd one but wont on the rest they wont go above 2 high on the ones it does work on.

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Anyone else struggling with them not stacking??? Funcom are you fixing this or what im getting a bit annoyed about being unable to build with them refund incoming soon i think getting no responce from twitter either

Yeah, I’m having the same issues and wont build anything until it gets fixed which is a real let down.

Select a different building piece, like a ceiling tile or something, then select the foundation. They will place fine. I have a 12 foundation high khiyan wall around my base and have had no issues using above method.

foundations aren’t really meant to stack iirc. That’s why they’re named as such.

Yeah, the Khitan fence foundations wouldn’t attach to the side of the foundations either like they do with every other building set.

But that’s not all… the textures are really badly made, on the Khitan pillar you can just see through the pillar if you take a close look at it’s nooks and crannies, and the lights that attach to the ceiling don’t even have a texture, they’re just completely black.

The folding screen has two messed up textures on the side panels, you can very clearly see the weird out of place triangular shadows and warped textures on them (you can probably see them on both sides of the folding screen, I can’t remember).

The chairs don’t even fit a standard sized female character, legs clipping through the seats, your arms noticeably leaning on air.

And the the roofs… By Crom the roofs! They look leaky from the inside but not the outside, thus indicating sloppy texture work again, I don’t want leaky roofs.
When you walk on the roofs you sink into them up to your knees or even deeper.
Oh, and the roof tiles should have looked like nice blue glazed Asian roof tiles, but no… we got washed out and scratched wood like tiles or whatever, they look terrible.

There might be even more issues but I stopped looking for them.

I recommend anyone who thinks about buying this DLC for the building set to avoid this DLC like the plague until these unacceptable issues are fixed, if they ever get fixed.

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