Can't place doors in khitan doorframes

Game mode: official online server#8073
Type of issue: bug
Server type: PVP
Region: North America
Hardware: PS4

Bug Description:

Doors will not snap to Khitan door frames.

Expected Behavior:

I expect the door to attach.

Steps to Reproduce:

Place Khitan door frame.
Attempt to snap a door into the Khitan door frame.
Receive error: “Overlapping with another object or terrain”.

This error occurs even when the door frame is alone by itself. No stairs, no walls around it, no ceilings.

Also, this is a reiteration of the same bug I’ve read in the PC forums.
Quick fix:

  1. Place a sandstone door frame in the slot.
  2. Snap the door into the sandstone door frame.
  3. Replace the sandstone doorframe with a Khitan doorframe.

@Tlg ,I don’t have this dlc , @sestus2009 can you confirm the problem our friend has here pls ? My dear friend o promise you that until tomorrow you will have your answers . Welcome to the forum .
Ps do you play single player or online ?

I just took confirmation from a friend and he says the same , he cannot attach the doors too . He tried to do it single player admin mode :wink: PS4 . I will ask on discord too for other players to try .

Good on ya, mate. It’s good to know it’s not just me lol.
I’m online, PvP. Official server, so no mods.

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Same on Xbox. But the workaround with the other doorframe works fine. It is just a waste of resources.

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I just asked on discord , for pc players works excellent for PS4 I wait for answers . I will summon 3 players more that might have the dlc , maybe they can help too.
can you help in this investigation guys ? Thanks in advance

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I checked this sp offline and have the same. Can’t place any door in khitan door frames.
Replacing the doorframe with sandstone or other types of door frames and than again to khitan worked for me

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Not at home at present but I’ll check as soon as I am. It was working fine last week though.

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Can confirm bud I tested all available doors for all dlc’s and none will snap to a Khitan doorway in either single player or online official pve.


Yes Khitan door frames are bugged. It doesn’t matter what door you try to use, it just doesn’t attach to khitan door frame. As soon as I switched door frames, any and all doors attached.

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Sorry, i’m of no help.

I havent played Conan since the PvEC connecton issues over a month ago.

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Thanks for the feedback folks. I appreciate the timely responses.

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One final step is to summon @Jimbo here so he gain knowledge of the problem too , since in discord they don’t know it yet . But the problem is only on consoles , not pc .


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