Khitan door frame wont let you place door

Game mode: single player and official
**Type of issue:**Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: united states

i cant place doors inside of khitan door frame other door frames still work

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug: khitan door frame
2.try to place door inside
3.cry because you cant


I tried with several doors and wasn’t able to reproduce this. Is it with a particular door?

Your game mode has it listed as both single player and official server. You are certain this happens on a server and not just single player where you are using mods perhaps?

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official server 6411
every time i try to place a door in a khitan doorframe it says overlapping with another object or terrain


I am also getting this bug. The Khitan Doors will not attach to the Khitan Door Frames. Very annoying.
I’m on an Official Server

edit: NO doors will attach to the Khitan Door Frame.


I experience the same issue with khitan doorframe.

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Same here. Private server, but the admins keep it clean of any mods, so definitely some bug.

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I found a workaround for this on official server 1735 last night.

  1. build and place a sandstone door frame.
  2. build and place the desired door into sandstone door frame.
  3. build khitan door frame.
  4. replace sandstone door frame with the khitan door frame.
  5. observe door still in what is now the khitan door frame.

As you can see, i have a khitan base, with plenty of khitan doors in the same frames. This without issues.

Not clue how to reproduce your issue.

I had the same problem and found the same solution @Eudas presents above.

@Vattende Have you actually placed them recently, or are they deployed from pre-patch?
I can confirm that doors which were already placed previously didn’t disappear - it seems like the changes to the building mechanics have caused a series of issues (besides the khitan doorframe, the inability to place the pavement road deco, among others).

@Eudas It seems like your workaround works, thanks!

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Just saw this thread. I Posted a bug report thread on the Feedback forum regarding this issue. (Are we supposed to put bug reports in General or Feedback now?).

I too am experiencing this issue on Official PvP 1880 NA.

Additionally, I also notice that the top sockets for the khitan fence foundations are also not working properly, as they do not allow placement of any fence foundations on top of them preventing the placement of fence foundations on top of each other.

Hey there,

Bug reports should for now be sent to the Discussion subforum. Sorry for the confusion, we’re setting things up and it will all make more sense in the upcoming days :sweat_smile:
Regarding the issue, we’re aware of it and we’re looking into it.

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I can confirm this issue. After last update it is not go.

This is a base made completely after last 2.4 patch for testing. I build it after reading some reports concerning the khitai doors. Also repeated it, with different chars, and saves. Still is working for me.

I saw different reports about it, so i try figure out how, and why.
Sure, it may also be server related, or such a nasty bug happening only to some of us.
Some additional, if possible no-modded servers imputs would be helpful to.

I’m playing on the “die-verbannten” server, which has a strict “no mod” policy - should be the same as officials, I assume.

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It is definitely not mod related as I am having this issue exclusively on Official PvP servers.

I’m having this same problem on PS4 Pro; no doors will place in Khitan doorframes.

Same on Xbox as well. Doesn’t snap to doorframe.

Hello everyone,

We are aware of this issue and the team is currently looking into it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate.


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