Khitan door is not snapping to Khitan door frame

Game mode: *[ Select one: Single Player
Type of issue: *[ Select one: Bug
Server type: *[ Select one: PvE
Region: : United States
Mods?: *[ Are mods installed: No

Bug Description: Khitan door is not snapping to Khitan door frame.

Expected Behavior: Like other doors it should snap into the door frame.

Hi @BarakIII, thank you for reaching out, we’re aware of the issue and will provide a fix as soon as possible.

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I’m experiencing the same behavior. Not only when trying to snap khItan door on khItan frame, but any door on khItan frame.

I didn’t actually try other doors at the time. I’ve since tried and like you found that no door snaps onto the Khitan door frame.

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