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With reference to the past thread, I would like to give a more detailed feedback and address several issues related to building in general. Since it’s only about building, I hope that a collecting thread is okay this time. I normally wont do that.

1st. (RED) As mentioned in the thread above, something is wrong with the Yamatai Ceilings ID:3306.
They are placed to low or they are to thin. Not even the Yamatai Pillars ID:3317 shows completely through them, mentioned in the thread above, even Sandstone Pillars ID:90009 looks half way through them. And that isnt nice anymore. @Tascha :wink:

2nd. (CYAN) If i remember right, that was posted a long time ago, but cant find the Thread anymore.
I can only confirm this from my own experience with the four components (Foundations, Walls, Ceilings and Pillars). Sometimes, if you try to upgrade T1 to T2, T3 or even T3dlc, the upgraded piece doesnt blow up and both, the old and new structure, shares the same spot. :roll_eyes: Sometimes you can be lucky and find a pixel from the old, not replaced structure and can get rid of it. But most of the time you have to destroy both pieces and replace the new one for its own. In that case, a huge area of the buildings can be collapse, depends on the piece you have to remove. :disappointed_relieved:

3rd. ) Some building pieces, mostly the dlc ones, doesnt have a collapse sound and/or blow up animation if you try to dismantle or upgrade them. Only a delay of a few seconds by not knowing whether they are destroyed or not. Feels very strange and need some further investigation. :thinking:

4th. (BLUE) This one is more a request of improvement than a Bug. :pray:
Some Foundations and Ceilings with not mirror identical view, like Yamatai and Pictish, are hard to see in which direction it get placed before you even place it. This can cost you a bunch of ressources to rearrange them every time to show correctly in one direction. On Walls we have the inner/outter transparency text to help us before placed. But a Ceiling/Foundation arrow (like the new Fermentation Barrel direction arrow) are missed and would be amazing and nice to have as a construction aid.

Sir Bowen

P.S.: The screenshots are not made by me besides the editings. Only to make it clear, i dont run around as a Female. :joy:


Hey there @SirBowen

Thanks for the detailed feedback again. :slight_smile:
Our team is aware of most (if not all) of these issues, but we’re going to add your information to those report files so our team can get to them easier.


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