BUG | Can see the Yamatai Pillar through the Yamatai ceiling

We can see the Yamatai Pillar ID:3317 through the Yamatai Ceiling ID:3306.



Hey @SirBowen

We received a report about this issue recently but it was lost in the shuffle (it was reported in a patchnotes thread). We’ll update that report file with your information. The more the merrier :slight_smile:



Opps, sorry if i missed a report in some of these multithreads or offtopic posts.
And thats the problem with all these offtopic discussions and reports.
They simply go out of focus at the :boxing_glove:“Rumble in the Jungle”:boxing_glove: way too fast.
And that’s sad, because many good things that are worth discussing and reporting are simply washed away.

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A lot of patches went out the past few days with a lot of changes, it is inevitable that some of the feedback we gathered were a bit scattered. We still appreciate having one thread dedicated for it, especially one of yours with all the extra details that makes our lives a little easier :stuck_out_tongue:

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The post above was more directed to the community. And also the best example for offtopic. :see_no_evil:

I actually kinda like that it clips through - it lets you create a nice pattern on floors :see_no_evil:

:see_no_evil:I’m not saying anything about that without my lawyer.:speak_no_evil:

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