Lost Dungeon is incomplete :(

There are parts missing from this set.

For example : Wedge , Wedge Foundation, Stairs , Ramp

The question is why no complete sets are sold?

Aesir it was exactly like that at the beginning half was missing!

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“Sold separately”. If you’re lucky.

It still lacks some pieces: a Rooftop Edge for example and round roof corners.

Aesir rooftop edge is basically it’s wall cap piece. There’s no round rooftop piece probably due to the round pieces original function in the Aesir fortification set. As for the Crypt set, I too was hoping for generic stairs

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Yes, I will have to, unfortunately

Why don’t they sell a complete set?

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They are probably given a small deadline to have things designed, implemented, tested (maybe), et cetera, before putting it in the store. That is coupled with the whole three months before tossing out the new pass and chapter.

Was hoping for a regular doorframe too. Have a tight small area where I can’t place the “foundation” one and the two wall high one won’t work and the bars don’t look right.

Also, ONE corner vaulted ceiling? Tf? Whose idea was that?

I could also go for a regular ceiling version of the floor grating. That’s a nice look, but i don’t wanna just have the block one.

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i really miss wedges on this one, may they want to push player to a square base design in the future

That’s what I thought but then they keep putting out wedges in other stuff like the Aesir supplement to just mess with me.

That’s the problem with the bazaar build sets. They are missing pieces and then Funcom releases a set to complete the old one for the same price. And it’s still missing pieces needed for proper building. AND on top of it all the second set doesn’t even match the old set in color/texture so they look horrible when used together.

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Depends on how you use the sets. I haven’t had any issues with Aesir 1+ 2 and LD with FC. I used the original Aesir walls for stuff like stables and work shops and the fancy new Aesir walls on Dragonsreach. LD with FC just takes a little planning to look pretty. Pieces match fine on Series X

I don’t want to have to wear a set

At least there’s a chance that the “missing” pieces do get released at a later date. Unlike in old DLCs which were also sometimes missing pieces, and those would never get added. For example, the Debaucheries of Derketo had a left-folding curtain piece, but no right-folding curtain piece, and despite requests Funcom replied that they had no intention to add that.

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They need a mirror staircase. One that curves in opposite direction. They also need ceiling pieces like the Arena Set. They also need 4 way, 3 way and corner junctions similar to the doorway to made maze-like hallways.

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To be completely honest, they just need spiral staircase for arena.


Arena is nice, but I really like the wet mossy feel of lost dungeon. It works well with my port town builds due to always being by water. Granted, I’ll still use arena for dry parts.

I was surprised they didn’t just do what they did for stormglass and turanian and just add these pieces for arena. While I too like the look of these dungeon pieces, they are very hard to mix and match with anything else

They work as foundational aspects to Nemedian and you can create some nice medieval castles and towns with it

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Well yes, there were some shortcomings in the old DLC’s as well. The curtain thing is actually one that frustrates me very much. I mean why just one side. But still, it’s furiating that you have to pay two times the price of an old DLC to have an incomplete set. I understand that they can’t give out stuff for free, it’s a business after all. But when they sell something they could see that the stuff works and take the time to make a complete set. It doesn’t take that much more effort i’m sure since they have all the pieces already, just re-designing the looks.