Crypt build set

This is just ridiculous. Once again we have to buy two build sets to get an almost complete one. And the most frustrating thing is that even though this crypt one is supposed to be an extension to the lost dungeon, it doesn’t fit to it at all. The color is different and the wall joints look absolutely horrible. The crypt walls don’t actually fit properly even to the doorframes of the same set… If you charge ridiculous amounts of money for the sets could you even see that they fit together properly?


Plus you can’t use it if you’re not connected to funcom live services. It will literally tell you that you are NOT ENTITELED to use this set, so you actually pay all that money for entitlement to use the set you just described, not for the ownership of it. :wave::wink:


set has too many problems , walls do not align well, curved walls one works the other doesnt. there are holes in the walls, bad bad , it looks like it was not TEsted. (sadly)

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Wheres the curved ceilings for the curved walls now?

At least you can buy stuff / from coins … I’m waiting for 3 days now for mine and mainly bought them to get the aesir set and the nemedian watchtower set … well both sets are gone and I still don’t have any coin and also no response since 3 days from ■■■■■■■ support… tbh honest that’s the worst support of any game I’ve played yet.

Those curved walls are designed for the spiral staircase I think

Yea i was messing around with it earlier and one of the curved walls you cant even put a ceiling on top of it

Try a different build order, you may have better luck. ie - drop the curved wall in after you place the ceiling pieces

Yea its weird on why theres two curved pieces the one that says “alcove wall” works for the staircase it allows me to the ceiling on it but then the one that just says “curved wall” doesn’t wanna seem to work right but i may just be using it wrong i dont know

Let me know if someone figures it out

Curved wall for Crypt set probably functionality identical to the curved walls on the Aesir fort set. Except there’s no Crypt curved ceiling. Tried snapping the Aesir curved ceiling to it? If you have it.

thats the only piece that seems to connect to the wall

Could use them to top any crypt towers

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Turanian expansion also has curved ceilings

The secret is - we dont have to buy it. Shocking I know.

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Can I see the space between the walls ? I’m entertaining getting this.

and they still no wedge ceiling and foundation, if they was i could rebuild half of the base

I was hoping someone would do a review of this combined set; I’ve seen reviews for the initial pack and didn’t think it was worth it at that time. I’d love to see how the new pieces are.

I also noticed the price on this is…odd. As a combined 2-part set, it’s more expensive than combined Aesir was, even though the base Crypt set was cheaper and Aesir looks like it has more parts. I thought that meant it would include the shackles and stuff too, but it doesn’t.

It’s nice for its parts but you can definitely feel the missing pieces when building with it as a whole. The cubic nature of the lost dungeon portion makes them very situational and difficult to use. The lack of triangle wedges means you need substitutions to make anything semi decent. (Black ice wedge foundations has been the closest match I’ve found.) The curved wall is missing a curved ceiling piece. Also the jagged walls only sync up when placed in the matching direction, but placing pillars in between walls (included in the set) can hide this.

Set looks really dank and dark which is great, the double door gate with the skulls is nice and the wall with the epitaph is nice although I wish there was a plain version on both sides.
Spiral staircase is a little hard to place but it’s cool and has the pieces necessary to make it feel flush with its surroundings. The iron bar wall and door seem to universally fit with a lot of other build sets.

The reason it’s more expensive is they’ve thrown in a coffin with the set they’ve valued alone at 500cc. Probably to justify how unfinished the set is. Even though I love the coffin I would have preferred friggin wedge pieces.

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