Lost Dungeon set

Looks great, good idea, but execution is terrible. Make it normal pieces and not foundations. It doesn’t even fit together great with the foundations.


Yeah, bought it myself and I’m a bit disappointed.


How are you even supposed to use it :joy:

Yeah, and because it’s foundation sized, it eats too much into the space… and the skylight grating? How are we suppose to even have a circle? If you have any sort of passage go to it, it gets separated. It can’t close. Tf?


Seems like it’s missing some pieces because yea how are you suppose to make a circle with that piece


The whole building set just completely makes no sense very confusing

I dont have the set myself although Ive been interested in buying it.

I noticed a trend with the extended Turan set and now this - the devs make these to be built square. They aren’t even planning on how to make round buildings with these pieces apparently. Same was with the tent-like extended Turan pieces: even though it looked round, you could only place it on square foundations or it failed to snap.

Im not a huge fan of the idea of restricting the buildings to square foundations.


For those wondering what the set is like, I found this video

I think developers need to make the preview images in the bazaar to be clearer what the set is like at the least. Those images don’t correctly portray that the pieces are cubes instead of regular thin walls etc. Also the images don’t show how MANY pieces there are.

I can see that this set is meant to be built in a very specific way, which restricts our options greatly.


it seems to be disabled or something as of this morning. I own it and can’t build anything from it. Anyone else able to check and see if they can build pieces from the set?

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please submit a ticket to our Help center if you wish to report an issue or to request assistance with this set.

Make sure to select “in-game purchase” as the issue type.

Have a great day!

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I was super excited about a new set but when I bought it the walls and frames were CUBES. Surely this is a mistake, please fix it (by adding the missing single-layer walls if necessary.) You didn’t even show the details of the pieces that would allow us to screen out such a pointless set. I won’t be buying any more sets like that where it’s not clear that the pieces are normal pieces.


Can you do me a favor and check each piece with a repair hammer and show me the HP values?


I was wondering about what these pieces were like, could you provide with some screenshots?

bruuuh i bought it and im so dissepointed, i loved the floor texture and color and thought it would be a cool design for my gothic base. then i open it up and i immdeiatly want a refund WTF is this shit. they didnt even give us triangle floors so cant even make a round foundation, no normal walls either and you cant even mix the pack with other building packs… what a fkn scam! funcom fix this asap!


Had some excess coins after purchasing the battlepass and bought the set as well.
Surprised to say the least when I found out it was all cubes…
No mention of this fact is made at all on the bazaar page.


Left to right:
Ceiling Frame,
Door Frame.
Foundation pieces underneath.

The latter three pieces all look the same, walls/ceilings are solid blocks. Depending on how stable your build is, it renders two pieces completely irrelevant.

Foundations have 100k, the rest have 70k HP. Doors have 50k HP.

I’ve requested a refund, this set is just garbage in it’s current state…

Given the building rules it’s even more absurd that they’re selling pieces that are effectively larger than normal ones.


The rest of the pieces will likely be sold separately. Then the whole set sold as a bundle, then…



There’s a prison bed and shackles that’ll likely be sold separately at some point, or as part of a bundle, as you mentioned.
But building pieces? This is it.

The other building set that was added with this patch is the wood themed Vanir one, which we’ll see in the bazaar later on.

We’re already in the fourth chapter, and there are still people who haven’t learned the golden rule of the bazaar: Only buy after checking an item’s analysis through the content of a creator you trust. Since the beginning, Funcom hasn’t been clear about the items being sold, neither in appearance nor in functionality. Refunds? I think that’s impossible.


I found a video that showcases the set

Great video! It clearly shows how the items are and even offers usage suggestions. I found it quite interesting; if the price wasn’t so inflated, I would definitely buy it.