Request for a few more Turanian pieces

I enjoyed the work done on this expansion set. It’s very well done. My only wish is to have the inverted slope corner along with the inverted wedge.

It’s an excellent set otherwise but feels just a bit incomplete without those. I’m not sure why they weren’t included.

Love the pillars. It’s hard to get them to snap at times but maybe in time I’ll figure it out. Also the snapping for this set is very clunky compared to the other sets as well. I’m not sure why.

Overall, I do like it and appreciate the efforts and love the design. I just wish it was completed roof pieces to match and a bit more inline with other building sets snapping functionality

Ps. I forgot to mention damn I love those stairs!!! Well done!!


Rooftops would be nice. As it stands now, you’re confined to an even numbered width. If you make an odd numbered width, you’re stuck with a gap you have to fill with something.


This please, the set is incomplete without this

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Indeed. Great job enjoy it just wish it was finished. Makes it partially unusable if you wish for a smooth similar style.

Funcom can you address this? Is there plans? Or was it just missed? Or are we out of luck? If out of luck it is disappointing to pay for a set unfinished imo as this is a great design


Funnily enough, I just had a massive rant about how the curved walls just want to drunkenly dance around the place instead of y’know, being walls! It IS an awesome looking set, true. But in a game notorious for its Lego bits not playing nice at times, this is a whole new level of shenanigans! You’re right tho, it does lack just a couple of essential pieces that would make this awesome. That and the fact that it took me over an hour to make the smallest tent possible. It still had one bloody wall piece sticking out like chicanes on a racetrack when I made myself take a break (and instead rant like a mad person here!)

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Would love to have inverted curve corner pieces as well. Would be very useful when building something other than tents using these pieces.

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my only complain about the new pieces is that the curved wall do not sanp in the curved ceilings. Even if you put a square one, put the curved wall and then replace the square ceiling by the rounded one the curved wall falls

edit: more pieces like double door, double height walls and arcs, four square ceilings like the cathedral ones, and double ark with doors like the sandstone one would be amazing.


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