[Suggestion] Make Building Sets from Bazaar Available as Individual DLCs or in Bazaar Rotation

Hey all,

I’m an old Conan Exiles player, almost started playing the game as it first came out after a hype wave on twitch when released. I’ve really enjoyed the game and especially the building aspect of it. Until, the Bazaar and BatlePass came out and haven’t played much since.

Let me start of saying that I already own all DLCs that came out so far and I’m really not interested in the cosmetics that much but building sets/parts that came out on Bazaar so far definitely looks amazing. Since I wasn’t playing lately, I’ve kind of missed all off them but I’d really like to get my hands on some sets with special looks and pieces.

Of course it’d be unfair to implement them as base game pieces to those who bought them, so I’ll kindly suggest to release those building set packs as individual DLCs or at least put them in rotation in Bazaar so we’d have another chance to get them if missed.

This suggestion is based on the news that I’ve read online that building sets won’t be kept in rotation. If this is not valid, you might choose to ignore.

Although, I’d still argue that offering them as a DLC for people who enjoy the building aspect of the game would benefit more in the long run.



And PLEASE include all of the pieces in them. Aesir set is great except for the fact that you can’t properly build using only it. You have to use pieces like sloping walls from other sets and basically nothing goes perfectly together with it and it’s a shame. Also the curved ceiling doesn’t snap on to outside of walls, that’s another shame. But the price is the same as a full DLC set…

Stormglass extension was great since it has the same look as the old one so it fits perfectly. Turanian on the other hand doesn’t. There’s a new sloped wedge roof but no inverted one, new flat ceiling but no wedge, new walls but no sloped ones. These things limit the usability a lot.


And put a building set with 1 Battle Pass on the Bazaar, please!


This one hopes the Bazaar will offer a catalog soon.
Rotating packages, yes, fine.
But the base items just have a tab to look through the inventory and buy ala cart at will.

Why disallow people from spending money on your products?


I hate it when a build set I missed takes bloody months to rotate back in. Annoying AF when Funcom rotate garbage that initially dropped AFTER the item I’m chasing in for a second or third time before rotating the items I actually want. So here I am with a half finished base for months waiting for the stupid bazaar to give me the one bloody item I want. Hasn’t given me much incentive to play Chapter 2 beyond checking on Bazaar rotation days. Still waiting for the frakking lost dungeon build set Funcom.


Thank you all for all your replies and showing that we are willing to pay for these!

I really hope people at Funcom would consider making them available at all times. Please, please consider making this a thing!

P.S: This might be the first time that I’m “begging” to a company to give me a chance to spend money on their product lol

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The current version of the Bazaar was fine for chapters 1 and 2 of AoS.
Right now they do nothing but shoot themselves in the foot by locking the majority of items away from purchase.
Even a simple addition of FOMO slots will bring them more money, but hey, it’s Funcom. They can’t do things right even when trying to scam their own player base.

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