Complementary building parts

Hi all, there are some missing building pieces that the game lacks, that some mods hoy covered:

2x2 Gates ( Mod)

Drawbridge: Support for placing the un other structures like 2x2 Gates, foundations, etc.
(Tier 2, 3. Different visuales)

Crenelated pieces for early tiers. Cuz archer thralls have issues with normal fence.

Ladder fix: (cuz is a pain in the ■■■ yo place them) maybe hatch with ladder integrated or to work like base fence.

Arched door: added with arena DLC (mod). Have them as base for other Styles and tiers.

Windows: bigger ones si arched thralls can show from (mod).

Inverted corner stairs and inverted corner ramp. For different uses.

More flexible pillar/column snap points.

Window hatches/ Doors: for stetic use.


This post needs more attention. I could not agree with you more. all these pieces would be amazing, some of them are quite needed. I would even add one more: fences that snap to stairs. I have it so often that i have stairs on walls and they look silly without a fence railing to match the rest of the wall.

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Inverted corner awnings

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