Fence Railing For Stairs

It would be nice to have a higher railing for the stairs so that the fences running up to it blend in better. Currently we have a gap at the top and bottom of each stair where they meet a fence.

pps, Don’t forget about my suggestion for a 2x2 doorway please x x x x x


“higher railing for the stairs” that would be great and 2x2 doorway as well! especially useful when you go for octagon shape building or base (i love to use this shape a lot!)


Yesss 2x2 doors! I actually made my tower bigger than normal just because I wanted the gate door instead of a small one, but if I had 2x2 doors that would be great!

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since we are not getting mounts, actual gates are pretty much useless and i can imagine that doors,even with look of current gates, but only 2 wall high and 2 foundations wide would server most players much better

This 2x2 Gate was from the Mod Glas constructions and more by I-emerge. This mod isn’t active anymore but I hope the Devs heard our multiple entreaties and will implement such doors for release. :pray:t3: (By the way: with this I would build a really awesome colosseum)

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That’s a nice looking door! Speaking of that I hope they add more round pieces too sometime, especially the rounded sloped walls so you can combine them to leave a nice circle open in a wall.

The Mod had also rounded bridges, it was a really great mod. I-emerge is getting active again and is working on a new mod, I hope he will reactivate his talent to give us new building tiles.:innocent:

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That’s what I’d want, perfect

Ideally, i’d like to see separate fence rails, ie, sloping fence parts which connect to the stairs and form the rails, which then connect up properly at top and bottom with standard fence parts.


There is a mod called “Immerse RP & Building Decor” which is current, that includes the parts for arches.
I haven’t tried making an archway yet, so I can’t say how it looks.
EDIT: It might be “Savage Steel” I have both mods and together they make a great quality of life improvement for RP.

Yes, would wish reailings for stairs (that work) and bigger doors as well.