Sloped Fencing - attach to stairs, ramps and sloped roofs

We really need left and right sloped fencing for all the fence types. Such a pain to do massive walls along stairs and sloped ramps/roofs, to provide some simple fence protection from falling into lava, off cliffs, etc.

I know some stairs come with tall rails, but they are fake and offer no falling protection at all. Not sure why fences were never build with slopes in mind, but let’s all agree that it is time to rectify!


I definitely agree. While it seems like a little thing it actually makes a big difference if you are building on uneven terrain, dangerous locals, or maybe you just want your build to look normal when a fence meets a sloped stairs. Ideally the sloped fences could be attached to sloped walls or stairs and I would like to see an anti climb option for tier 3. And if possible a simple stair railing as well.


Totally agree! The workarounds needed to make functional stair railings using what tools we’re given are frankly absurd. Much rather have a socket on each side to add an optional railing piece instead of having to do this: :weary:


Loved the video, thank you!

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There is too much truth to this post.

I liked this post. I had actually suggested basically this probably a year or more ago but clearly nothing has happened yet. It is time to make this happen Funcom!


i thought they had to take off the rails hitbox long ago cause thralls were breaking em during purges.

Hmm. Interesting. So they once had functional rails on stairs?

Can’t like this post enough! For someone who often experiences lag, this would be so helpful. I’m also here for the aesthetics though.


When I had a couple weeks of really bad lag and rubberbanding, even rails would not prevent me from going off a cliff. But, it did help a lot. Hopefully you get your lags sorted out and eliminated. It is rough living with it. I finally bit the bullet and bought new server hardware to get rid of mine.


Yeah, it’s rough. My computer is new and should be able to handle it but I think my internet is slow.

I’m here from the early access and never seen any functional rail.


Or make the rails actually work?

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That would be helpful, but honestly, I’d prefer if we could use the fencing, so we get a perfect match to the rest of the building.

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Another other benefit of being able to add fences to stairs manually is that we would also be able to make stairs that are wider than a single unit. If we had only railings by way of pre-existing blocks, we’d need 4 separate building blocks to cover all the use cases for a single unit of stairs: rails on both sides (like frontier, yamatai), rail on left, rail on right, and no rail.

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