Doors 2x2: Would love to see different door variations


I love the aesthetics of this game.

I saw another thread regarding arched doorways which is also a great idea. Decided to throw in a thread regarding different door sizes.

Would love to see 2x2 double doors that would allow for smaller build styles and not require you to make the room 4 blocks high in order to build a bigger door. Would love to see the community thoughts here and if you would be in favor of something like this, smash a like!

-Much Love!


Or even 2 wide X 1 high doors
Many posts aking for this already


I too would also like to see this


The Mod „Jungle Building Set“ from Hielo has 2x2 gates with operating doors. There are also 2x2 gates ingame - the doors of the northern watchtowers but they aren’t useable. It seems reasonable to integrate them in the game.


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