Decorations DLC

A DLC with pure decorative items would be great for all the roleplay servers out there. Like place able trees, boats, meals, puppet where you can showcase armor, anvil, tools, just to name a few. I, speaking for myself, would definitely buy such a roleplay DLC.


Yes I would also like this dlc suggestion … also on a side note I would like as an add on double sided walls for each of the building materials in the game including dlc so these walls could but used to make rooms inside your buildings


So much this. The walls we currently have range from “just barely acceptable” (Insulated Wood, Stonebrick) to “absolutely dreadful” (Black Ice, Reinforced Stone, Frontier) for indoor usage.

ETA (thanks @Nuria) Best bet is probably DLC Khitan walls, which look the same on both sides.


There should be soon some, at least it was rumored cus ini file name Yamatai

IT have probably something to do with witch queen (lemurians) so Maybe lemurian pack

But it would be same type like those before probably 20 decor stuff, 39 pieces, 3armors and weapons

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A big part of the community was drawn into this game because of the powerful building mechanics, but Funcom has been ignoring them completely (the latest DLC didnt have a single new furniture).

DLCs like this would require way less effort to make, its all 3D models with textures, there is no need to add complex coding that can break other stuff, no balancing required, no testing… nothing, just a few new cosmetic furnitures and BAM, sell them. Lots of people would buy them, many of us play this game mostly for building


they said they were already working on 2 or three besides the latest (which was the Animal pack thing)

I am truely hoping for more decorations and armor for roleplay purposes. It’d make this game even better.

yep, they can but, they release them after each other,even iff they have them completed today
also they have delay xD
in 3 months u got 3 dlcs, but last mont was nothing, so i hope they could release some dlc before cristmas,

just pls not santa claus, not that guy any more, i understand if u add some scandinavian stuff /idk who gives u stuff in norway, maybe christmas trolls?/ jost not that fat one, pls

to the point only name of yamatai dlc is known, maybe it comes out along with catana and bow update, as pict comes along with pets

if its so, its near cus test live is here for 2-3 weeks, so lets see what update 35 brings

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What about khitan walls? At least for me they are the same on both sides.

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That’s true, I should’ve put them in the “acceptable” category.

OMG!!! Decorative DLC!!! Eeeeerrrrrmageeerrrrd!!! I bought all the others but if you threw out this one I’d buy it immediately! Like…Id pre-order the BLEEP out of it even.

…and Double Sided walls.

Yamatai is the Hyborian Age’s Japan counterpart, actually.

i know, i watched it, but i heard about conan issue witch queen of yamanai so i tought witch queen=lemurian

its complicated what descedents of lemurians style is like, but original was something like that

its said its based on kingdom belived be somewhere in… okinawa?, but iam not sure about pack too similar to khitan, lets see what we get

at least i think lemurians build that stuff in jungle,idk

Their architecture looks to be based on the Khmer in Cambodia.

Which always struck me as weird considering there’s already Kambuja which is literally named after Cambodia so you’d think if anyone built like that it’d be them, but whatever.

i also considerd weird if japan based country use stuff looks like from SE asia

or its from kambujans and lemurians whiped them out, and took over? but what about lemurian clothes and mask wich fits here…

need answars from devs xD

Also maybe more open window walls, in pvp they would have no use, but for rp that would give more option in building, maybe some paintings we could hang on walls, real tents, like placeable deko could give some options too. Cages maybe where you could cage animals, and still, placeable food, for the pets food an option it shows vegetarian stuff inside instead always meat. Have a nice start in your week.

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