Thank you for the Derketo DLC

Thank you Funcom for making the roleplay DLC we asked for!
It has a little of everything people asked, normal clothing, skimpy clothing, decorations, more placeables !
Now one can dream that on year 3 there willbe even more incredible DLC!

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I made another thread regarding building pieces (as opposed to placables) in DLC’s - but beyond that I completely agree. The DLC’s have been consistently awesome and have added a ridiculous amount of great content into the game, all completely optional yet decently priced. I too am appreciative of it, they make the game environment a much better, much more diverse and interesting place.

Odd, I must have missed the reveal.

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Now there’s a DLC that seems like an automatic buy… I may not have time to play currently, but still. Definitely worth supporting it when they put out something like this.

Would rather it not have the name derketo in it as has very little in it that screems derketo


It looks interesting, although there is no lack of mods for people that like to RP in a world of ■■■ slaves and pixel bewbs, so I don’t know how well the Derketo name fits.

I would love to see a Stygian focused DLC, the building pieces would add a darker option.

I wanted to buy it, after I saw the new foundation but I refuse todo so…

I play on PS4 and to craft a chest you scroll kinda >30 seconds just DOWN. With 3(4 at the end of the year) new DLCs it will be even longer…

You should check out the stream we did yesterday:

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