About Derketo DLC renaming

Bonjour Exiles,

Since the presentation of the DLC Debaucheries of Derketo I’ve read carefully the discussions about the consistency of the DLC’s name and its contents. Especially on the excellent thread launched by @Zeb here: The Debaucheries of Buccaneer Bay DLC and also by @Agnusthemagi here: Thank you for the Derketo DLC

I am not trying to duplicate the debate, but it seemed interesting to me to open a poll to really evaluate the players’ point of view about it. In the answers of the aforementioned topics the players seem quite unanimous, but we know that only those who do not agree generally express themselves lol

In addition this poll would also allow the development team to more accurately assess the players’ feelings about it, and perhaps reconsider the name if the players go in that direction.

In my opinion (which seems to be shared by other players) this DLC offers too little connection with the theme of Derketo to adopt the name of this God. Also give it this name will deprive us in the future of a true Derketo DLC. I mean come on, there is not even the shadow of a cat in this DLC! And a God deserve far more than objects and suspended bridges, we should be able to build monuments to their glory!

Do not misunderstand me I do not question the quality of this DLC, only the choice of the name which seems to me unwise.

Thank you to those who will participate in this poll!

  • Yes I think this DLC should be renamed
  • No, I think this DLC matches the Derketo theme
  • I don’t care

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Thanks for your vote!

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Two paws up :paw_prints:


I voted rename as it isn’t what I was expecting from the name.That said, truthfully I don’t really think the name matters. It’s a great dlc and that’s all that matters.


Good dlc for Rp as it’s intended to be but the name suggests that it should be a derketo themed dlc where most people have the complaint. I find the name deceptive as there isn’t anything really themed in it that stands out as derketo. Taverns are used by all, tree houses don’t really matter to derketo worshipers that are in a desert, the beds can be used by any royal or nobel and the armors while are from aoc and still good haven’t really anything to do with derketo.

It would be the same complaint from people if another dlc had another gods name in it and had little to do with that god.


During the stream, @Ignasis repeated that players wanted extra pleacables :chair:, new jewelry :ring:, and more… - that’s why these things appeared in the new DLC. He’s right, topics and posts about them have appeared on various occasions. It’s good that we got it all, it gives us hope for our request.

The topics about renaming the DLC and the fact that we really want more content related to Derketo are relatively new, so we should talk more about this and be patient. Let’s wait :clock2: for the official comment.

:round_pushpin: Keep voting. :triangular_flag_on_post:

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Oh boy. I am someone who drops onto PvP and immediately puts out a box with free Jade cats. That’s Khitan, the first DL. What’s cute about it is the jade cat always seems to be showing her butt to whomever is in the room. Like how Mona Lisa follows your eyes. :smiley:

Our Derketo is jungle lush. This DLC fits the jungle and makes me want to build there. This is our lore, not necessarily other previously depicted lore.

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FC has already introduced the “Derketo style” with the altar, it’s now part of the game. It is legitimate to want a Derketo DLC to be consistent with what has already been introduced into the game.

Moreover, it is a DLC linked to a Goddess, an important deity in the Conan Exiles universe. We want to erect monuments to her glory! I understand the debauchery aspect but we can not summarize Derketo with that, while it may well sum up the buccaneers’ way of life.

And I must admit that I love the Derketo style currently present in the game, whether clothing or altar. I am particularly frustrated not to find that in a DLC which I expected a lot because of his name!


Im passing on this DLC since I can already make tree houses and floor bridges.

Cant wait for the Crom DLC where FC asks you for $10 and you get a 10gb download that does nothing but reinstall the base game with more glitches. :wink:


Me too, but if they already have one “Derceto” DLC they will never even think of releasing a correct one - with all those God Cats and obscene outfits and all that gloomy and unbridled stuff about lust and death.


This does seem to be a Bar DLC with one dancer outfit. It would be better served as Derketo if there were more/any Derketo themed stuff.

Seems like a bar DLC should have more bar/dancer clothes.


And how many of this 29 placeables are chess figures and the chess board? And anyone ever wanted that? I dont get the RP genre anyway, especially in this game. But whatever, people are different.

Just go to the stream and look at this placeables. What has that todo with Derketo? Is there even ONE placeable, which would fit Derketo and not a BAR?

Just because they added some skimpy outfit or a luxury bed, its “Derketo”?


Well, to be fair, the jewelry, fancy bed, and curtains are better suited for a brothel. One that’s over the bar, of course.


But Derketo is also the goddess of death.

I mean yeah, if I would do role playing within this game I would also die of boredom. But I dont think FC had this in mind :smiley:

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Thanks for reminding me about chess :chess_pawn:, I was so surprised when I saw them. It would be so difficult to play with them, especially because first you need to take a chess piece, find it in the inventory (especially long looking for using a gamepad), and then you have to put it in a place that will be surrounded by other pawns.

It seems to me that the idea of chess is such a joke of the creators - a crazy one :crazy_face:.

I probably will never use pawns to play chess, so I will use them to decorate my home :houses:. It’s good that there are more decorations that I can put on the table.

I also want them to change the DLC name and I’d love to see new items related to Derketo! I will even quote myself from another topic:

One :heart: like for you jot29!


Hmm whatever the name may be, I like what I saw…

Im not sure if I want to see some Derketo palace building pieces… would look like Turan with an Egytian overhaul I think.

We don’t really have proof of what really defines Derketo’s style other than the palace, maybe its wood, and tap barrels in the trees

Perhaps because there isn’t a single Derketo style but difference styles from each cultures where she’s worshipped. The Derketo Palace only shows the Lemurian style. I’m sure in Stygia and Kush Derketo’s temples don’t look like that. In Kush it seems that Derketa is mostly worshipped as a goddess of death. While in Lemurai and Stygia she seems to be mostly worshipped as a goddess of lust and sexual debaucheries, since her priest and priestess are known to practice some sacred prostitution as part of her cult.

Very good point. The Derketo area we see in the game (Pagoda) may be Lemurian themed, not necessarily Derketo themed.

I’d like to see another, real Derketo’s DLC next year - with Lemurian style building pieces and some placeables like those in the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts. This DLC is great and interesting… but it’s name is quite wrong. Bucaneer Bay it be.

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Cats are sacred Derketo animals. What a “Derketo themed DLC” without a single cat, I ask you?! :cat:

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