The Debaucheries of Buccaneer Bay DLC

I’d like to kick this off by saying I love Conan Exiles as a game, one might even say I’m obsessed.

That being said, I’m extremely disappointed in the showcase for the “Debaucheries of Derketo” DLC.

I wasn’t impressed with the building pieces in terms of the theme (or lack of). The placable items are definitely something I myself have wanted to see come into the game, and definitely cover the “Debaucheries” if you just want to consider it to be the bar theme (Drinking with indulgence).

I didn’t feel any of the outfits or armor shown fit the stated theme of Derketo. Maybe I just went into my own imagination when it came to the title of this DLC. Maybe I hyped myself up on the hopes of, black and gold building pieces, and cat statues. But, even so. I do believe this pack is more representative of Buccaneer Bay.

My suggestion would be to change the name (Yes, again.) I’ve seen the reasoning for the original name change for this DLC being, “we’ve renamed that particular piece of DLC to better reflect its contents”. I disagree with this. Even if we just simply want to debate it by visual representation in the game.

Buccaneer Bay:


Also, I think it would be fitting for a Derketo themed DLC to have a skin for the Panther that makes it look like one of the cats on Derketo’s shrine.

Overall I really do love the added content this DLC will bring to the game. I will truly enjoy it. (Especially the chessboard, and golden bikini :black_heart:) I just don’t think the name is a good representation of what you’re really getting from this DLC.


I agree… I expected so much about this Derketo DLC, and it looks nothing like Derketo. I was also thinking of building pieces looking like Derketo’s altar, I had really high hopes about this theme. I’m not a lore addict so maybe I’m wrong, but what a disappointement!

Btw if this DLC keep its name we’ll never get a “true” Derketo DLC.

Edit: Beyond that there are good ideas, including the suspension bridges and the system of “stage” with lower blocks. But it gives the impression that they are rushing out of the DLC because the end of the year is coming and they have to finish the year 2 pass.


Yes! Derketo and her Lemurians have been greatly underutilized in this game so far. Only a single camp for the Lemurian people and yet there are so many awesome elements that I would like to see such as…
-A wearable witch queen mask
-outfit that makes the wearer appear partially decomposed or skeletal.
-Fish hide armor(with a wearable Dagon fish head!)
-gilded statues of lounging Lemurians
-feast spread for table tops
-placeable pet cat
-ornate black slate blocks with gilded trim
-walls and gates that match the jungle temples in order to “renovate” the current ruins in game.

Overall my rating of the current pack is 2/5. I like the armors except for the awkward heavy armor. Which is the main one. No one is going to put their thrall in light armor so it sucks even more when heavy armors get awkward aesthetics. The rope bridge and tree foundation are unique but I can’t imagine many builds will utilize them.


In reference to Knox there actually is a wearable version of the Witch Queen mask for admin spawn in game. I was told it is a rare drop from the Queen herself but I have yet to get that proved… but just wanted to let you know it’s possible at least! :slight_smile:

However I do 100% agree that I think this name doesn’t represent the content of the dlc particularly well even though it’s great in terms of the content in itself. To me this is the IKEA expansion I’ve been pleading for a long time to get really. It just doesn’t feel right to put it under the name of a Derketo inspiration kind of dlc…

I would support a renaming of this pack to something more fitting like ‘Jungle Heights’ or ‘Buccaneer Bars’ just given those are the main themes of it.


Sure Zeb. As long as it contains all of those precious goodies, they can call it anything they like. Upvoted.


You are most welcome lass. :smiley:


As if FUNCOM could go with any other solution other then cutting the amount of DLC content :rofl:

This should be called “tree mens tavern” as has little influence from Derketo in it


Oh… that’s a bummer… I mean, one would expect from the tittle to be actually Derketo’s themed. But it’s just like you guys said, what you can see in the DLC could easily be Buccaneers Bay, Black Galleon, heck even Sepermeru has a bar where Conan is…

This is true and a big fear of us, lore fans… If you as a company are gonna start a DLC based on one of the gods of your lore, naturally us as a player would expect more DLC’s for the remaining gods. If you mess up the first of the gods by assigning it to a pack that has noting to do with the gods theme just because you can’t think of another pompous name for your DLC, then you’re likely to either a: do it again for another god, b: not bother doing god themed DLC’s at all… I think most of us would rather none of theme options to happen.

This, just don’t assign a god’s name to it.

Good Suggestions. Dev team, if you’re out of ideas and you really wanna please the RP community like you said in the stream, please put foward a Poll with name suggestions for this DLC. I’m sure the community would be glad to give their input.


Agreeing with @Zeb and pretty much what everything else said here. Loving the new items coming with the DLC, but don’t feel they match the Derketo theme. So no complaints about the DLC content itself - we’ll definitely make sure to build and decorate the hell out of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I doubt there will be a name change, although some suggestions here are really great. Just a shame that the name/theme won’t be available for something a little bit more Derketo in future. As discussed already in another thread by @Croms_Faithful, I would have also loved to see cat themed decorations like statues etc., someone else suggested a panther skin (great idea too)… and maybe more lavish building/furniture pieces and armor a little bit more in the spirit of the Derketo worshippers.


So for what its worth, I dont think they could do a Derkato religion/theme pack justice. Maybe i should say wouldnt be able to get away with. Im sure the devs and artists could knock it out. But the CM even said in the stream that it looked like twitch mods had an issue with the word “debauceries”. Hell consoles dont even let players have full nudity, so I get using the theme for a tavern roleplay pack (on the surface) so its not a dlc only pc players can buy.

Every time i heard the word role-playing, tavern, and the phrase “express yourself” my mind replaced them with … uhhh … pervy things. I for one will be using the black and gold peices from treasures of turan, with just about every peice from this pack (minus the tree stands) and some dungeon bits from blood and sand to make a rather sprawling zigguraut with several lavish red satin bed rooms, a “tavern” where my thralls can “roleplay” “expressing themselves” all over each other on the central derkato alter, and a whole lotta dungeon. Might even be the chess masters dungeon. Throw in some jade cat statues and that seems pretty Derkatoey to me. But moreso it seems like just as far as we can go broadly before someone gets sensitive about it and censors something.

Now, stepping back I realize that my imagination might not be like the rest of yours … and this could all be about the dlc not having enough cats… I dont want a cat saturated dlc as part of the season pass i paid for lol. But i do want the cat statues shown above as a hidden city feat. “Lemurian Sculpting” seems spot on for that.


You are extremely right :100: !

I do not want to speak negatively, this DLC has many interesting elements (especially jewelry, curtains, animations and rope bridges :grinning:), but the name is really inappropriate, “Extra Jungle Pack” would be better suited here.

The name should reflect what the package contains, in this case: barrels, bottles, tables, stage / half-floor …

Derketo deserves a much better DLC - after all, she is a powerful goddess :skull:, not a cook :woman_cook:.


There is a mod that has taken apart the Derketo shrines (and those from other religions) and offers them as single pieces, some of them even in different sizes, thus you could place the cats and Derketo statues wherever you want.
The mod is called Schatten von Skelos.
Yeah, I know, PS4- and Xbox-Users don’t get mods… :cry:

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That isn’t true. I play on PS4 with full nudity enabled since I downloaded the game in April of this year, during the free month on PS+.

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Not be / playing in the USA seems all it’s needed.:wink: Then you must go in the admin panel and set the server to full nudity and set the local parameters in full nudity too. That’s how it works for Solo / Coop play. On an online serve things might be different, since you can access to the server settings, except if your’re the admin on a private server.

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I is in agreements.


Black to gold building pieces would definitely be my favorite of all, just say that lol


I did the exact same lol and still used the red flags of the last DLC and the golden DLC statues of steel, black red and gold PERFECT I just wanted a pure black ice black floor but with a glare the matte look is not Beautiful does not “reflect” and does not value the environment looks very rustic.
There are and wanted a lot of “steel and glass” construction items. There is a youtuber that always uses items like that of MODE, it’s amazing but I play on official server I go crazy.
Look at one of the videos he uses this glass and steel building set:

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The Debaucheries of Tree Tap House :rofl:

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My guess is, someone fell in love with the word “debaucheries” (which is a fine word indeed) and liked the alliteration it had with Derketo, even though something like “Buccaneer Bar Brawlers” would have been a more descriptive name for the contents.

Some placeables, such as those scarlet curtains and the glorious bed, do suggest towards a different flavor of debauchery. I guess there’s only so much Funcom can get away with and still keep selling their game worldwide. Ain’t we lucky that bloody dismemberment is fine but mating is not?

And a thing people tend to overlook: Derketo is also the goddess of death and decay. This duality makes her one of the more interesting gods in the setting, but we didn’t get any new types of compost in the DLC.

I love every bit of the DLC and will definitely buy it, but I must agree that the name is kinda misleading.