About Derketo DLC renaming

Thanks for reminding me about chess :chess_pawn:, I was so surprised when I saw them. It would be so difficult to play with them, especially because first you need to take a chess piece, find it in the inventory (especially long looking for using a gamepad), and then you have to put it in a place that will be surrounded by other pawns.

It seems to me that the idea of chess is such a joke of the creators - a crazy one :crazy_face:.

I probably will never use pawns to play chess, so I will use them to decorate my home :houses:. It’s good that there are more decorations that I can put on the table.

I also want them to change the DLC name and I’d love to see new items related to Derketo! I will even quote myself from another topic:

One :heart: like for you jot29!