Regarding the Debaucheries of Derketo pack

Im going to keep this one short and sweet. It began as a post in a previous thread, however I felt it would get lost in there. So I made it a standalone suggestion. Seeing as how the Debaucheries of Derketo is the next inbound DLC, can I request some placeable cats and cat statues in the pack? Im such a cat person.


For CATS! :cat2:


what a… “purr…fect” idea… (sorry I had to)


No I agree NOGG. Cats…!


Thanks for the dual upvotes there @Ko6ka. I can tell you are a fellow cat lover too; just look at your pic.

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My nickname sounds like “cat” in Russian :wink: (koshka)


I must agree that Crom’s follower.

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in general, assets what already exist in game are free content when it become placables (serpent-mans statues), I hope theses stuff will be usable as placables when dlc will be out.


Sorry to hear about your Chaos Shadow Shadoza. :disappointed_relieved: I have lost a number of much loved puddys myself over time. We currently only have the, albeit very spoiled, Nebelung cat. He lives like royalty here.

To yourself and @Myrdhim, we could perhaps have them released as another Library of Esoteric Artifacts item, which coincides with the release of Debaucheries of Derketo? Im just throwing possibilities around. But I agree that there needs to be a bigger focus on Placeables in this pack, after the Battle Standards update and Blood and Sand dlc were overwhelmingly geared towards the PvP side of the community.

Ps- Koshka…awesome nickname @Ko6ka; rolls right of the tongue.

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This crazy cat lady RIGHT HERE fully supports this idea!!
I’m also obviously a follower of Derketo. So is my black cat Anubis.

We see your suggestion @Croms_Faithful and we raise you (or in this case add in) the Derketo statues or statuetes, mainly the T2 one, is so amazing!!

@Shadoza I’m so sorry about your loss, I can’t bear to imagine. I hope my 2 year old furbaby lives that long. Also, I fully support free items.


Ill see that raise Mavelle, and raise you a frequent gripe of mine, that eavh god should have their own statue which can be built as a placeable.

Ps- I love Anubis. That is a nice band she is wearing.


I see your raise approvingly and I raise you religious light sources for all religions, like Set’s brazier and Statues of Guidance.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be big. Even a simple candleholder would do. I mean, how hard would it be to grab one of those cats and do this?

or this?

P.s. - Thank you he’s a lovely cat, that’s his harness to go out in the garden. :smiley:


in fact, this dlc is not at all a rename of misteries of acheron, but an all new idea…maybe for later, the acheron dlc ?

Wasn’t a DLC named Riders of Hyboria scheduled ? What happened to it ? Postponed until mounts are available ?
And how is it possible to name a cat with the Jackal headed god’s name ?

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Yes! As a proud cat dad, I wholeheartedly support this idea. Sure, we have the Derketo altar and the Jade Cat for dlc owners, but we want


Also @Shadoza I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. I wish these little guys could live forever.

Also also @Mavelle your Anubis is a handsome fellow! He looks like he’s about to follow through on some Grinchy idea though! :grin:


I know right? I was quite surprised at myself, since if this was me standing outside and looking at another cat with that name I would ask that exact question in a very annoyed tone. My husband and I were debating what to call him for 1 hour while riding the bus home and most of my mythological knowledge had gone trough the window in face of his cute baby cries. It would be either an Egyptian or Norse God, like Odin but the Norse gods would be too common a name and it didn’t sound right when looking at him. There was no easy way to make Bastet or Sketmet sound male, and we were both saying, if it was a black dog Anubis would be perfect, and him meowing whenever we said that name, making us laugh. I was like, ok, lets have some more time to think about it, but my husband said to take him to the vet near us just for a quick check because none of us ever had a cat. At the vet he said we had to register and demanded a name. So, without any more time to think I blurted out “Anubis”. And he was like, “Oh so you’re Anubis, the Dark Lord of the Underworld. I like it. I have a cat named Osiris at home.” And thus it stuck. :stuck_out_tongue: To be fair though, he does have a “dog spirit”. He loves to play fetch.

@grumpysaurus_wrecks YES, MOAR!!
Also. Grinchyness. All of it.



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Sometimes it happens like that, you speak the 1st thing that goes through your mind and it stuck as name.:grin:

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The Witch Quin temple building pieces would be great)) black and gold )


This post makes people happy,hail cats!


So this is what we get instead of Mysteries of Acheron? So first they give absolutely no clue besides of DLC name to decide upon buying the season pass, and then they change the name and we get something completely different. Outstanding move Funcom.:+1: