Add recipes to T3 Derketo shrine

Was just looking at what the religions offer yesterday and it occurred to me that the third tier of Derketo’s shrine seems a bit lacking compared to the other religions you can start with. I mean, they each offer a meal, a statue and a weapon. Derketo only has the meal.

I know it’s a little thing, but it would still be nice to have that extra bit of flavor.


My vote goes to having 6 or so thralls ( I’ve still got a box full of t1 & t2 crafter’s) being consumed by Derketo to create a placeable “Orgy of Derketo”.

Yes, yes, I know this will never happen but I can dream.


That meal is pretty darned easy to make and heals a fair amount of damage. I believe 110 HP.

That being said. I think she should offer some cool placeables. The others all offer decore.

I could see her offering wine goblets. Feasting tables. Carpets and tapestries. Thos are items I see her offering in tier 3.

Or her food could be made to offer 5 stacks of the entertained buff. Which would make it very useful.

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I dunno. To start you need a T2 blacksmith, otherwise you bankrupt on steel.
Then you have to mine 4k stone what is an amazingly funny job with steel tools and no carrier. By the time you finally are able to make Lusttaker you’re schwinging happily with Telith’s Sorrow.

Upto then you’re cooking Aloe Soup in stacks and you’re hacking through monsters with your trusty ancient twohander. My followers prance around with their Set chains, and I’m nipple capped.

Derkathy why all dem troubles for me?

Please Funcom add the small Derketo kitten and cat statues.
cat cat1


Those cats are “alive”! It seems that they have “movable models” in the Devkit. There is a black one and a tabby. I’m ready to pay their weight in gold coins if the Derketo trainer would sell kittens!


Yes please! I am such a cat person. And those statues look downright classy.

This, please! I need it in my Derketo part of the base

Oh yes please more cats to worship … I’m having to make do with scattering the khitai cat statues throughout my base.

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Yes please to the kittens I finally went over to the shrine on the weekend and as soon as I saw the cat I wanted one. Heck even the statues look cool. Wonder what rugs or tapestries would look like for Derketo, bunch of naked people in a orgy or a bunch of dead bodies.

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