[PS4 - Derketo was sad without her own thralls] Please make an update to implement the Derketo thralls in the game

Greetings. Derketo is inconsolable. All other deities in the game have their own worshipers, but she is alone in this cruel and brutal world. I have heard that she may even rebel against the other deities if that does not change. If i could, i would lobotomize the servants of other deities to follow this broken faith just to please the poor goddess. For the sake of Derketo, create an update to insert your worshipers into the game! Thanks for listening.


Agree completely. Appease the Goddess! First religion Raise your Fist!

In all seroiusness though Derketo feels too much like Yogg and Set. All current in game religions requires human sacrifice in this game. Even Mitra which was weird, because Mitra is supposed to be the ultimate good god in the whole Conan canon. I feel like Derketo religion needs to be changed a bit. Like the Pleasure palace needs to be a place where npc make-out sessions begin. Not just the generic normal god things of “1.kill human 2.put heart 3.here okay have a nice day!”

I mean her Death aspect is explained, but her lust and fertility aspects are only really foot notes in the game at this point.

She should have a ritual that kills a thrall and rebirths them as a whole new class. Randomizing their appearance but not their gender. Or like a make out session that spawns a thrall after a ridiculous amount of orgy buffet food-running.


Well spoken. But first I’ll be glad if they’ve put up the proper thralls. I myself have already evolved Derketo’s altar to the fullest and used the classic formula of dissecting corpse with the special blade, but even by the altar favoring pleasure, I think it would be interesting to capture any thrall, make it pass through the wheel of pain and then send him to the care of the priest of Derketo. In the case, he or she would make him a sexual slave to death (no need for animation) and, as long as he was “alive”, he would check out an “x” amount of manifestation of zeal. It would involve pleasure and death… and the obvious sacrifice of a thrall. And depending on the thrall level, a larger value of manifestation of zeal could be given. Or in the absence of such a priest, you could do the same thing with a couple of thralls (regardless of gender) and they would be sacrificed over time… after much pleasure. Lol.


Sounds pretty Canon to me that seems fair. You have to feed them occasionally, and even spend training them. That seems like a pretty balanced idea. Although, I’m pretty vulgar I would want some basic laying down or bound hands animations, cause you know I’m like that.

Yeah the idea seems to fit the lore a bit.

I haven’t gotten too deep into religion are there multiple ways of getting religious zeal?

On a side note. Kind of annoyed that Mitra requires human hearts. I did some basic digging on Conan lore and Conan supposed likes Mitra worshipers because his god Doesn’t Like or Want human sacrifices…

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Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the #conan-exiles:exiles-suggestions topic.

Thank you. As for the fact that there are animations, well… I even think the idea is cool, but since in my country we were already “forced” to deal at most with partial nudity due to the idiot and puritanical rules of my region, (I believe that in Europe this is quiet)… and I also think about the “complexity” and the viability of the animation, since this would make Derketo’s temple absolutely unique in relation to the others (nothing against, but the other religions should also be reformulated for equality). For example, one thrall could be attached to the altar (bondage) while the other (such as the priest or other thrall) could interact with the “victim”. The priest could also have a role as a “supervisor” while the couple of thralls are having fun (or even a group, if it was an orgy if there was such a possibility) - remembering that this need not necessarily involve “only” a man and a woman - would be sacrificed or die at the end. This gives a more coherent and brutal view of Derketo’s philosophy… something that would make the Conan universe more interesting.

I am no expert in religions, I have only had superficial contact, but as far as I know… there are other ways to get religious zeal, like the “transmutation” of different things into others, if I am not mistaken.

There are many ways to bring more personality and credibility to the worship of the deities, but I understand that Funcom wanted to create a “standard method” - common to all religions - to get more “points of faith”. It is also a way of balancing this method for all without “complicating” or valuing a particular religion (and let’s face it, it’s simpler and easier to create such a system). The path may vary as the temple evolves, but this is optional. For all religions I have only used the special blade of each temple and that impoverishes the divine diversity.

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Of course it should be animated.

But I do like your idea.

I’d go a step further and sacrifice 6 or so thralls placed into the alter to perform a ritual “Orgy of Derketo” to summon her avatar in leu of a priest.

Although, I don’t think America would like it.


Okay, everything’s fine about animations. The people demand animations! Hear their voice! In the case of America, well… I believe they see everything with people in their underwear involving the genitalia. Lol. Damn stupid rules!


It’s a shame that nakedness corrupts you Americans so much.
I feel for you.
I’m in Australia, where a couple of years ago we didn’t have an r rating for games and nudity pretty much meant the game was banned.
We still have a problem with seks unless it has some connection to a deeper relationship.

No reward seks for us!!

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I’m not american, but brazilian. This type of policy involving content that can be “marketed” is actually pathetic, because at worst users who are already adults have enough autonomy and maturity to choose what they will play or watch involving their full content. This is a serious problem because other games with a more “heavy” or “controversial” theme are partially censored or adapted to fit archaic rules without respecting the consumer’s right in his individuality.


Yeah, I agree.

I feel like laws are always behind in years, despite what the current culture of said country is at the moment. We get grandpas making rules for themselves, that don’t match what the current people desire or need.


Interesting idea about shaking up how to get zeal from the different religions. I like it.

In regards to the nudity, I believe they had to go with partial nudity in America to obtain a Mature “M” ESRB rating (17+), I also read somewhere that it had to do with Playstation requiring an “M” ESRB rating in order for the game to be available to download from PSN. The reasoning behind it was that young children could more easily access the game and view content inappropriate for their age. An Adult “A” ESRB rating (18+) would have allowed for full nudity, but then you’d have to buy a physical copy of the game.

However, I am confused by that reasoning as illustrated by the curious case of Witcher III – which has full nudity, ■■■ scenes in the main story, and the ability to go to a brothel to have ■■■ at any point. Witcher III has a rating of “M” … hence my confusion (if the above reasoning is accurate). My only thought to balance my confusion was that in Conan Exiles, nudity is more prevalent, and one need not specifically seek out a brothel to see the female form. Or it could be that Witcher III doesn’t ever show the male genitalia…


from what I understand and what other people have stated. It wasn’t the game developers decision to do so. It was the threat of lock out from consoles by Sony and Microsoft Xbox to block the game if they didn’t dumb down or censor their own game. Funcom did some number crunching and reluctantly decided the money was in censorship. Which they are right, because they know a big portion of gamers are controlled by their parents because their parent’s are lazy and rather than watch their kids they want other people to watch their kids for them.

Games become the babysitter so. . . games have to be censored.
which I hate.

Its actually american game stores combined with the prudish esrb.
American game stores chose en mass to not sell AO games following the hot coffee mod for GTA San Andreas.

Esrb don’t like sausage so yin yangs are for over 18 only.

So its Rockstars fault…

Or at least that’s how its portrayed.

Yes, I am aware of the “external” reasons involving full nudity and do not blame Funcom for being “forced” to adapt to certain “restrictions” (speaking even for the benefit of their own investment), but it is as I said , this rule should be flexible for users who are already adults or even parents who wish to release “uncensored” content to their children. This should be optional (if you fit into that niche), not a generalized imposition depending on the region where you live on the planet. And yes, since Witcher 3 and so many other games that show more intimate scenes, penis and vagina are considered taboo. The Mass Effect and Dragon Age series have also adapted to this, for example. But it’s worth remembering that this does not just involve nudity, since games can handle more “heavy” themes and this could be released to the adult audience. Just as there are movies for different age groups, this should be consensus.


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