No priest of derketo?

has noone still found a priest of derketo?..i know the files are atleat in the game cuz of the admin contol panel.


I’d like to know this as well. I’ve been playing a ton since full release and haven’t found a single Derketo priest. I usually have a difficult time farming thrall spawns but not this much. The longest it ever took me was like… a day irl to get the Set arch-priest. To be fair though, I knew exactly where to look as I had found him there before.

Yeah seems to be no Derketo Priest right now. Super lame…

No derketo priest. Derketo’s is the only teacher u need to kill a legion of NPC before talking her. In addition, no light on temples and no beam on T3 temple; besides no truly word and no placeables at all. Seems that Derketo religion is an unfinished and hurried work. It needs a full revision, devs.


I think it would be best for them to make a public clarification on what is missing so far from the Derketo religion, and when they plan to implement those elements.


Derketo priest thrall was never placed on the new map. Only way to obtain is to have an admin spawn one into the map.

Unless you are a Streamer with a large following and post during one of their twitch feeds I doub’t you will get the dev’s to say anything.

I know where the priestess is! If you explore the jungle, on the far east there will be a shrine atop the ruins and you will fight Lemurians (basically weak Black Hand type NPCs) and the priestess spawns in front of the altar. It’s up a few flights of stairs overlooking the ocean.

I saw her too. I just killed her cause I was busy.

I saw her, started killing her, realized she was the priestess and learned the religion before she bled out haha

That’s not the one they’re asking about though. She can’t be captured as a thrall.

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Oh okay, which one they asking about?

Priests that can be captured and put in the temples. Like the Mitra, Yog and Set priests, as well as Nordheimer priests for Ymir.

Right, ok so they can’t find the Thrall Derketo priest

Correct, which is an issue because high level thrall priests are required for Avatar summoning. No priest spawns = no Derketo avatar.


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There is one who spawns randomly in the jungle her name is khetmet the whisperer or something like that

The only way to get a Derketo archpriest is by getting her from the currently broken and bugged purge in the Swamp. I do not know if funcom is going to fix the purge as they only respond with “it is working and not bugged,don’t know what all 20k of you are talking about”. (it will announce purge on every server then it auto completes by itself in 20 seconds,no purge spawns)

I just played testlive and they added derketo priest spawning in the Pagoda Lemurian camp

we will be able to get them since this Friday patch. However, they haven’t fixed the Derketo t3 alter light beam and t3 alter mark on the map

And, still no smelter/alchemist not spawning in the Lemurian camp

And Volcano thrall spawning (no smelter / carpenter / armorer / dancer) still wasn’t fixed