A 100% spawn place for Derketo priest

For the past 7 months I have been trying to find the named priest Derketo, but all I can find was two T3 priests, and even that by accident
I’m not asking about giving everyone a named priest, but just ask to make a place for the priest where he will spawn with a 100% chance. Because It really makes you sad when you really want such a priest in your collection, but for this you have to spend all your game time not on the game, but on farm

Please FUNCOM hear me, this is a small game moment, but for collectors like me, it really matters.


bruh…this is really annoying
I have all named priests except this piece of heck!


My friend say that is much easier find this dudes on Siptah but I don’t know if it’s true


One of the grave matters sorcerers is a derketo priest.


another random? Nah thx

“Another random?” Wym? He’s named priest. The only issue is that he doesn’t have a specialized icon, so no real benefit to boosting crafted armors or weapons. He does look like the sorcerers though, so he’s unique.

I just find it ridiculous that for some reason Derketo priests have to be so ridiculously hard to get in contrast to others in general.

*in the exile lands; can’t personally speak in regards to siptah as I’ve never taken a deep dive into that map

I definitely agree with that. If it weren’t for Grave Matters, I wouldn’t have one.

If ur talking the EL map, at the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts a T4 Derketo priest can spawn. Leaving the Pagoda and turning right (east), there is a small camp on a raised platform that can Spawn one. And of u continue east to another small camp up by the big tree, one can Spawn. It took us about a week of going back and forth between those 3 spots to finally get a T4.

I believe a T4 can Spawn at Mitra’s Serenity too, but with super low chances.


I’ve found 2 Derketo priests, although long long time ago…
Are you looking in the right locations at the Pagoda? Near the campfire?

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It’s man or woman? And what is he’s name?

as I say I clear every camp near pagoda for the past 7(!!!) months…It seems I have soooo bad luck…

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I just find him on wiki, sorry, my bad
did you have the Stathem the Embalmer?

Female Espel the Glorius

Female Jaden Rousch the Epiphaneous

Still looking for the one that can craft stronger weapons…

Camp it. 15 minute respawn timers.
Edit: I found Zath to be way more challenging.

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any info about how often this event happen or it’s absolute random?

Locations are consistent, but the event is random. I believe stathem may be the one that spawns at Buccaneer Bay, but I can’t remember exactly. I got him during the winter event. Since 3.0, I’ve only seen it spawn once and that that was the summoning place (you can’t knock out the boss at this location). The last location is the mounds of the dead (the boss here I believe is the Ymir priest).

Maybe try buidling outpost in the jungle so you can try recieve Lemurian Purge or something. Some T4 priests may be obtainable only this way from what I know.
There’s 2 Lemurian Purges that can spawn in the jungle:

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It seems this is the best way to find it