Zath and Derketo Priests needs fixed spawn points like other priests

They are already hard to find because they have shared spawn points with other worker thralls. It is not right. You can’t even find T3 and not even T4. So what, %0.01 chance ? Why other religions T3 T4 are easy to find ? Because they were the first ones ? They need to fixed spawnpoints like other priests and not share spawn points with other worker thralls.


derketo priests spawn at the trainer and i believe one is almost a guaranteed spawn but not seen any for zath

My experience on pc, SP is that the named Derketo priest does not spawn very often. I’ve only had it spawn something like 2x’s in 3 years. Maybe just bad rng luck thrown my way though.

poor derketo i think i never have seen a derketo avatar in like 2 years of playing officials XD

it is insanely hard to find a priest compared to set,yog,mitra and ymir.


Yes they are spawn that place but shared spawn points with other random tier worker thralls, so finding T3 almost impossible. In fact I tried 2 days (only 4 slot wheel tho but I do 3543454 runs to find one) never seen a T3, I only see T1 and T2 a couple of times but they are useless. But I see same T4 Armorer spawned there. So something wrong or their spawn rate lower then a random T4. Also odd.
About Zath, only 2 place they spawn, low level zone also shares same spawn point a lot of random T1-T4 workers/priests spawn points. So basicially THEY NEED THEIR OWN SPAWN POINTS currently.


i know a while back i used to farm the derketo trainer area alot on the little plato to the left of the stairs i saw 4-5 teir 3s and 1-2 t4s in like a 2 day period but because i was just farming the armor for decon they went on the chopping block sadly

I just did this not long ago btw, like last week… trying to find a Zath priest :smiley:
I farmed the first day for roughly 4-5 hours… constantly riding my horse between Sinner’s Refuge and Mitra’s Serenity… finally got a T1… then the second day I did a few more hours and managed to get a T3.
But yes, I agree that it was a bit of a hassle…

I agree. It’s near impossible to get a serka of the silk to make zathite spears let alone waste her on a god.

The zath god is incredibly strong can’t say i’d ever waste a serka on it unless the spawn rate is buffed

You know you could save those T4s for Derketo worshippers :smiley:

In my ongoing quest for T4 Derketo I’ve caught 4 Fia’s instead. They’re THAT rare.

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Eh, same. My point was exactly is that. I also see 4 Fias (Armorer Temperwright) and 2 other T4 (not remember name) and it happens in consecutive spawns. Not even a T3 priest. I’m not counting T4 Priest anymore, if I get, it will great. But I’m not hopeful currenty.
Some places sharing same spawn point maybe acceptable. But they still needed their own spawn points. Even Jhebbal Sag have their own spawnpoints and Derketo was long before included the game and still not have one or two.

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Bumping up.

Totally agree. There are so many NPC Camps in the Exiled Lands close to spider nests. Why not add another spawn point there. :yum:

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Maybe just replace a few of the 1000 cook spawns lol.

With all those cooks in small camps, you would think the NPCs would be 400 lb tubs of lard.


The cooks cooking healthy food so they can stay strong they not make junk food :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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omg yes! I can’t count how many t4 cooks I kill while farming for derketo or zath priests. XD

Maybe cooked meals are the main export for Exiles and Sipyah. I see an Age of Trade Wars in the future :slight_smile:

Would explian why in Exiles the inly realitem to buy from merchants is glass orbs. Purified water is a must in the economy!

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