Derketo T4 priest not spawning

So i will start with my problem…

I need to get T4 derketo priest, so i went to Derketo palace…
Day 1 - played 7 hours without luck…
Day 2 - Played 6 hours without luck of it but got smelters T4
Day 3-5 - 5 hours, got tired of hunting them down, maked shelter nearby to watch them all the time… also i got T4 archers, warriors, smelter, Cook, Blacksmith, leather worker, carpenters, in total 12 T4 thralls…
Day 6 - First day some priests started to spawn but max T2…

So it went to Day 10 ( Now ) - Still no sight of T4 priest, I have all other thralls that can spawn there, i stalk them 5 hours basically with respawns in day not leaving the place

My question : WTF is with T4 priest, why even T3 not spawning there… 10 days in row… ok Chance is less than 1 % but all others spawn except priest… Is he broken or bugged? T2 is like 1% spawning but for T4 its like 0.0001%… how long i need to sit there to get one?

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Saw a derketo archpriest on saturday. Variance is a harsh mistress.


I got one after 10 days. >3hours every night. At the end I only killed the 4 spots where a priest can even spawn and ignored the majority of the other spawns. Sometimes I killed that damn archer, when he prevented me from climbing up to the campfire.

I saw 1 other T3 priest during that time.

Also the wiki lists a spawn as a priest next to the real Derketo priest… But I think this is either a bug or was changed.

I saw an archpriest 3 days ago on officials , dude as I said in your last topic on zavek and wreck , I found an T4 derketo priest after more than 3000 hours of gameplay ( ok not doing this only , but as you I stayed a lot over there over nights ) good luck it’s one of the rarest !

and if you ask what is the reason , it’s that it shares it’s spawn with a lot of various other T4’s thus making it quasi impossible to roll . each time you kill a T1 to 3 there is a chance of a T4 to spawn , now when said T4 spawn in will have more chance to be a lemurian T4 like fia ect… than the derketo priest

Really? i catch 2 in 3 days without a problem at derketos shrine.
And yeah i mean the last 3 days of this and last week.

well do you play on officials ? cause if you are , you are a very lucky person :slight_smile:

Well i asked the guys who play on same official as me… basically everyone has either 1 either zero T4…
Only one guy managed to get it 4 days grinding 12 hours in row… other who has it either traded it from someone or just also grinded 10+ days in row

You think that’s fun, a named smelter took me two months to get with 2-4 hours of farming a day on my official server… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure 3030 PvE Offi. I have no problems with Thralls they do what i want.
I can catch every priest, really i never got that problems.
My best Thrall is Broodwarden Raiss with 20k LP Armor 1,500 and Croms Sword with 97 DMG.
I make some pics for u of my priests :wink:

We are talking about T3 and T4 priests… T1 and T2 spawn quite often :wink:

I mean named priest not T1, T2 or T3.
T1-T3 is senseless.
And btw i can read.

T3 = basically the same as T4, but faster :wink: There is no benefit from T4 priests, except collecting them*.
T3 breaks faster in wheel and you can do the same things.

And you are probably the only one who gets a decent amount of T4 priests there… Because you find suchs threads like this quite often.

*for the berserker draught you need a T4 priest. But Anastera The Seeress spawns so often…

T4 is the only one who can do protection dome and spawn derketo avatar - thats by wiki, and thats weird cuz, for all others to spawn avatar really is needed T3 priest… but derketo need T4…

Wiki " True name of Derketo - 1 craftable with a T4, T4 (purge) Priest thrall in the crafting station "

Also tryed in singleplayer, T4 give 50% discount on materials crafting while all others are 25% but true name goes only on purge or T4… ( thats on derketo )

Depends on the server and volume of regular players. It is random and never a guaranteed spawn after a set number of other-npc spawns. I have been on official servers that the named is the very first visit. If you have a ton of other players competing for thralls, well… :slight_smile: Luck’s the draw. I do not know why more players do not barter and trade for thralls? Like you could trade a ton of refined obsidian, khari, fragments and scrolls for T4 thralls - let alone greater pets.

I just wish we could ‘give’ other players our Followers in use/placed. If a player wants to get rid of a high level pet/thrall to make way for a greater pet/named thrall, they have to effectively kill off the follower. Would be great to ‘trade’ it away for something :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Derketo archpriest (T3). Pretty sure I can make a protection bubble.

Will test it after work + with screenshot.

And I am also pretty sure that I dont have any resource reduction. Not with T3 and neither with T4.

So u say T3 and T4 are the same. Thats not right, only with a T4 u can call a god.

Show me a T3 unnamed with this skillz and i will let my hat fly away. :slight_smile:

Lets summon PvPers: @WhatMightHaveBeen or @SirDaveWolf can T3 also calls god?

But lets just take a look at the wiki:

Derketo Archpriest - Can craft True Name of Derketo and perform the Ritual: Derketo’s Protection.

Jhebbal Sag Archpriest - Can craft True Name of Jhebbal Sag and perform the Ritual: Jhebbal Sag’s Protection.

And this goes on and on and on…

But I will check for you after work (~3-4hours)… As my T4 derketo Priest is in a chest and I still use my T3 in the altar (dont want to lose my only T4 derketo :smiley: )

Here all i got at this time:

10 in a chest and one in a shrine with 3 recipes.

Drem and Hrogert = purge Ymir priest :wink:
Koros = Jhebbal Sag priest
AmnUt and Hoshun = set = sepermeru city (spawns also quite often)
Amastera the Seeres also spawns quite often and is also Ymir.

And from Derketo you only had T2 and T3 :wink:

Thats a T4 Derketo priest :wink: