Derketo T4 Priest? Does it even exist?


I just wanted to ask if anyone ever got a T4 (Named) Derketo Priest… I’ve been farming one for the past 3 weeks spent my weekends killing everything every 15 minutes as soon as they respawn. I play on official server PvE… I’ve only seen a few Archpriests… but that’s pretty much it… I got all the other Named Lamurian thralls at least 3-4 times, except the priest…

Thank you

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I have not seen one and the research I have done indicates they only exist as Purge spawns.

no, they have three spawnpoints around Pagoda
it’s just all of them are <1% spawn chance, so it may take some time
I had one in my last playthrough, but it’s a modded server with adjusted spawn rates for T4’s

There are two non-purge Derketo priests. One male and one female. They have been quite rare for me. I’ve only seen one and that was after months of clearing. (On the other hand, I can’t tell you how many times I found Fia, the armourer!)

Don’t give up hope!


I just caught Espel the Glorious, T4 Derketo Priest, at the Pagoda a couple of days ago whilst trying to catch Fia.

By pagoda you mean the place where the Derketo trainer is? I never saw a priest spawn there, it’s always some profession thrall there…

The biggest spawn rate for priests seems to be the 2 camp fires on the left of the Pagoda. But not a single named one… I found 3 Named Lamurians in the same spawn cycle… all 3 profession ones.

When I say “Pagoda” I mean the whole Lemurian complex, ie. the shrine where the trainer is plus the three surrounding camp fires. I caught Espel at the fire on the rock adjacent to the shrine. Have to say, though that I’ve been raiding the Lemurians rather a lot as they’re a good source of crafting thralls.

I know, I got them all… at least twice lol… just got another Taskmaster. Hopefully Purge spawns at my base near the Pagoda and a priest shows up…

Oh, nice to know he/she is ingame… Because I really thought thats not the case… I have every other thrall from there (many >2 times), but only ONE archpriest. No T4.

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The problem is that the Derketo priests share a spawn point with other types of crafter thrall, so the chances of finding one are low to begin with, and then having one spawn as a T4 is rare indeed.


I have one in a box.

Single player admin mode, just now. Even with SetServerSetting NPCrespawnmultiplier 0.0000001 and slomo 3 it took me a looong time since the spawn rate is < 1%.




Well, its time Lemurian gets an overhaul :smiley: Their “camp” aint that much better, than Sinners refuge.

Which is pretty sad, even when most of them were defeated in the war.

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Rare drop - these need work and patience to get.

Ehhh…it is really good for beginning a new server. All the crafters will eventually spawn if you cycle it enough, plus leveling on the apes. Fia seem s to have a high spawn rate, and is in 2 or 3 spots there. meaning Flawless epic DLC gear really quickily. Plus the way it is laid out, is really easy to farm at level 30.


That’s kinda a running theme on Robert E. Howard’s stories - denegerate people living in the ruins of an ancient civilization. The Lemurians we see in the game are no longer the proud, civilized and advanced people they once were. They’re what remains of a civilization ruined in a cataclysm, whose survivors were enslaved, rebelled, enslaved again by another people and left to struggle after a large-scale cataclysm devastated both sides of the war.

Just like the savage, tribal Picts of the Hyborian Age are remnants of a mighty empire of the Thurian Age. The Atlanteans went back to ape-man level before evolving into Cimmerians.

The gold, silks and other bling make a dramatic contrast to the spartan living conditions of the Lemurians in Conan Exiles, hinting at a legacy of wealth and power. It bears similarities to the people of Xuchotl in Red Nails. They lived in palaces of gold and jewels, but were really just two tribes of savages who lived only to kill each other as brutally as possible.

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Well, I’m happy to say that after 3 weeks of farming the Lamurian Camp every 15 minutes for many hours in a row a T4 priest finally spawned! I’m back at playing the game now… lol


Yes , it exists in 2 forms , yesterday I farm both of them , the one has a name and the other just derketo archpriest . If you want his name I can send it to you later that I will log in .

Archpriest is T3…

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My bad XD