Find no Named Derketo Priest for months


I haven’t found a named Derketo Priest at the Pagoda for months. This is annoying!

Named set priests, for example, are easy to find, in Sepermeru there is a place where you always can find three priests. But the pristers at the pagoda are rare, and even more so named.

Other named thralls, however, occur several times. For example, I found around 10 Aisss, 5 Fia and 8 Gnash. 2 times Fia and Gnash together at one fireplace. I log in several times a day and only check the three spots on the pagoda.

Is it possible that there are only Derketo priests at one of the three fireplaces? How, for example, with the set priests in Sepermeru?


Akkadian Warrior

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You are not the only one with this problem: Derketo T4 Priest? Does it even exist?

The problem is: There is no fix priest spwan point. It can be any working thrall type and some thralls have way higher % chance, then others.

Getting a T4 is low
But getting a T4 pries is even lower, as other T4s have higher chances.

I have >2000 hours in the game and have only a T3 archpriest. But I will farm for one tonight.

yea same for me. i did finally get one from a purge at my jungle base.

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