Anyone know the Derketo's Arch priest location?

can’t find any of them around Derketo’s teacher and Lemurians

South of the lost city of Xun-ye or something like that. Around the coast on that huge peninsula. Horse has a YouTube on it

I am talking about the ‘Arch Priest’ not the ‘Religion Teacher’

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Oh, I see, haven’t found that spot yet.

I believe there is no priest and archpriest we can capture yet so no way to summon avatar. It was nice false advertising on the launch trailer.

Saw this thread looking for an archpriest. Wow if they never added one thats realllly bad. Then again Lusttaker is still in the blacksmith bench for some weird reason instead of the alter.

Any luck finding priest? I just tried to capture Derketo trainer and she is really weird gall. Even unconsciousness she still talk to me, but can’t be draged away. :rofl:

The NPC exist in game, as you can summon a named priest as admin on single player (I forgot the name). But I don’t know if they spawn on live servers. hmmmmm.

There are tons of NPCs and stuffs that can be spawned through Admin Panel but not in live servers.

Yeah, but absence of this one would block full use of Derketo’s religion… therefore I hope priest is just hidden somewhere.

I think I saw you play on same server. lol.

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